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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mini Kitchen Spruce Up!

Well, with the old knee giving me fits, I've had lots of time to sit around and stare at the living room and the kitchen...that's NOT a good thing. After my mini-redo of the guest bedroom, the hubster said, "I like this bedroom better than any room in our house." Oh, no...WHAT? Something that took me 1 hour compared to days of agonizing in other parts of the abode and he likes the 1 hour job better?

So, it began...another Mini-Makeover...the kitchen. Maybe not a make-over, maybe a "spruce up" explains it more correctly.

Before I begin, I have some "splaining to do"... 1. HE will NOT allow me to paint the kitchen cabinets and thinks that they are just fine (they are NOT fine); 2. HE feels that once a paint color is selected that it should stay that way for life (he doesn't adjust to change the way I feel he should); and 3. HE likes his decor tidy and neat (AKA: BORING). I say all that to say that my home in NO showcase...just your average house that I am constantly trying to upgrade... sometimes without much luck...but I keep on keeping on. Who am I trying to impress anyway?!

Here are the Before's & After's...

Shot of the right corner BEFORE. Not much happening.

Added the picture and the salt and pepper shakers. The bunny container holds my coffee sweetner and the little coffee maker is a 4 cup one for #1 grandson and me!

Left corner BEFORE...pottery overload!!

Left corner AFTER...some green majolica, trio of green birds holding my tiny silver spoon collection, new pic and Gail Pittman cookie jar...a little lighter and brighter, I think.

Boring Buffet BEFORE...

Happy Buffet...AFTER....small berry wreaths, 3 paperweights on pewter oval platter.

Hutch BEFORE...it's a wonder it didn't crash under its own weight! (Reminds me of my knee.)

Hutch AFTER...just a slight diet made a difference. (Bet that applies to knees, too.)

You may disagree with me here...but all those feathers, berries, candlesticks, bamboo runner and straw chargers were giving me the heebie geegies.

Table AFTER...now we can concentrate on the food!

When driving in from a doctor's visit, I noticed the old wreath by the backdoor was looking like the Last Rose of Summer...so I freshened her up too!

Hope you take a minute and "spruce up" something,


Lee said...

Great idea! I think I will take your lead and spruce up something...
I must have married your husband's twin. My husband thinks everything is fine...no need to paint or replace (insert major sigh here).
Thanks for the inspiration!

CAS said...

First, Happy Be-lated Birthday! Secondly, hope that knee-thing goes away soon. Thirdly, I think your little mini spruce ups worked very well. The kitchen looks great & I really like the china cabinet. I'm so glad you got that beautiful bedspread for your birthday. It totally changed your guest room and looks beautiful.

Amanda said...

Meant to ask you...was there a certain font that you copied for your "M"?

Barbara Jean said...

lovely changes!

love the colors you have in your home.

off to see more
barbara jean

Erin said...

This post made me literally laugh out loud! Mainly because of my last comment regarding my own knee...then to see your comments tickled my funny bone! :)