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Friday, June 24, 2011

Houdini Ain't Got Nothing On Me

"What exactly do you mean by re-purposing?" asked an interested friend the other day. I keep talking about re-purposing (nowdays it's called upcycling) and I guess it IS Greek to many.
I decided to give you an example. Here were my rules for this post (teachers must always have rules, you know):

1. Re-purpose (or re-do or re-arrange) my guest bedroom.

2. I couldn't spend one red cent...nada...nothing. (Love a challenge.)

3. I had to use everything I already had and that included inside or outside the house. In other words, I had to "shop" the old homestead.

4. I gave myself an hour to finish.

Now your rules could be different, but if I came to your house and you told me you couldn't afford ANYTHING except what you already had..then rules #1, 2 and 3 would apply. I would then set out to re-use what you already have.

Here's front bedroom before. She's all dressed up for...fall and winter NOT 100 degrees in the shade...too dark, too cozy, too heavy for summer.

Here she is...dressed for summer! Ahhhh, I can breathe
I keep two matelasse bedcovers for re-dos all the time. One is cream and the other white. They launder beautifully and I love the look. I've had these for years. I also added two matching shams that had been waiting in the closet since last summer!

I borrowed pillows from my computer room and the zebra came in from outside for a few.
The two side lamps came from other rooms. Out with the round side table and in with a small oval straight leg table. Better proportion and better size for this area. I also changed the picture above the bed...old window with grandchildren...much better.

I layered a crocheted coverlet over a dark brown throw...I liked the look. Just for fun I added the McGuffey Reader and my great grandfather's reading glasses.

A coffee cup on a silver tray might be needed!

Now, let's tackle that dresser. I won it at an auction 10 or so years ago...I think it might be ready for a coat of paint...but not today...the clock's a tickin'.

Lamp change, two milk glass vases filled with thistle from outside and tray with my clear paperweights visually make the space seem lighter...even if she is still brown.

Milkglass makes anything look prettier.

I love my redware plates, but they just gotta go...for now.

I found the two faux bois vases at Paul Michael's ... gold and silver leafed...had every intention of returning them until I saw how pretty they looked on the ledge and on the small oval table by the bed.

A few fresh flowers and crepe myrtles in the smaller vase by the bed and I'm through with a few minutes to spare!

Now this (re-purposing) is what I want to do full time, when I retire from teaching. I am doing it now part-time. "Using What You Already Have"... it's a challenge, but a worthwhile one. Bet your husband would agree with me!

As I was completing the photography for this post, the "hubster" (aka: Ralph Lauren) came in, looked around the bedroom, and said, "Well, this sure looks better! What did you do?"

Gotta love him.

May all your changes be quick ones,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Angela, I love the lighter look for summer. So pretty! I also like your header and background. :D

Angela said...

Wow! I liked the red and the white - so pretty. (My husband also loves it - he walked it while I was looking at an after photo and said, "That white room is very pretty.")

Amanda said...

Totally laughing out loud at Coach Mac's comment. Hyesterical!

Bev said...

Angela, what a wonderful, refreshing re-do! I need to do some of that around here. In these hot TX summers, the dark colors are a bit depressing.

Really a great transformation!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the new lighter look for summer. It is gorgeous for fall, but you are so right, it looks so cool and inviting. I love the addition of the throw, book and glasses. Great idea. I think you could really do well at this business. This is lovely. Thanks for the sweet note, I am so happy to meet you. Hugs, Marty