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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fun For Kids...Texture Collage

When summer days begin to stretch waaayyy too long, take a walk around the yard, or better yet, take the kiddos to a park where there is some new ground to explore.

Our grandchildren love to go to a little waterpark (not the kind with slides, etc.) just a natural water hole with trees, running water and large rocks to splash around. We took a lunch and lots of pictures and came home happy and NOT BORED!

We named our resulting artwork..."Textures".

I copied the pictures from my camera to the computer printer. Using regular copier paper we cut each pic to 3 1/4" x 2 1/2". I used a 16x20 canvas and painted it dark gray. I scuffed the edges to give more dimension. The margin between the 28 photos was pretty small..about 1/4". Margins were: top, bottom, left side=1/2" and the right margin was 2".

Using Word, we selected a font and wrote the word TEXTURES....copied it, cut it out.

At this point we selected the pictures for our composition. Some pics looked better next to others...good lesson in composition, varying textures, spacing, etc. Then we got out the Mod Podge and modpodged away. We used Flat MP.

Guess what these images are!

Lichen, mimosa leaves, algae, oreo type cookie, grass, rust on garbage can.

Shoestring, gravel in concrete, pine, top of picnic table (ugh), spiderweb with cedar needles and raindrops, plant with water droplets.

Surely you can guess these!

In addition, tops of nails, chainlink fence, pinecone upclose are all good pictures to add. They had great fun trying to get others to guess what each thing was. Fun and quick little project for a summer day that went from boring to a blast!

We also did a smaller collage of pictures I took of them during the day!
Same thing...just smaller! Their daddy got that!

I am joining the Big Blog Party over at The Picket Fence. Please, join us!

Hope every summer day is filled with fun,

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Terry @ La Bella Vie said...

OK so this is a really great project, I think I need to do this with my grandsons as a summer project.

Thank you for the nice comment on "Drum Roll Please" it was a lot of fun to do.
I'm your newest follower too!