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Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's My Birthday, Let's Party!

So it's my birthday today... and to blunt the pain of getting older and older, the hubster generously suggested that a shopping trip was in order. After he fixed breakfast and served it on the patio, he offered to drive me to Monroe, LA to Paul Michael's. With my knee thing that's going on, I truly didn't feel like it...but maybe I could just stay in town and I could limp around HOBLOB and check out their 80% off area. Sniff, sniff...poor old lady.

So limp, I did.

Now you remember yesterday's post...don't you?

I tore the guest bedroom apart and did a quick "re-do"...from this...

To this.... sort of "summer-ized" it...no pun intended.

While shopping, I proceeded to Ross Dress for Less...and the oddest thing happened. While diving through all the stuff, I heard my name. At first it was softly spoken, then a little louder...oh, no somebody knows it's my birthday! I hope the men in the sombreros don't come prancing out...nope, no men...there it is again....Can you guess who it was?

Anyone who REALLY knows me, knows that I can't leave well enough alone when it comes to decorating. I promised...NO MONEY SPENT....but what????

"Angela, it's your birthday"...there it goes again..
I glanced around..nobody.........except a white quilt with all these brown flourishes...OOOOHHH, NOOOOOOOOO! I turned and ran (well limped) away from that thing as fast as I could. I did find a couple of pillows and a brushed nickel garbage can for the computer room. Checked out and headed for the ranch.

Got home...and I'll be darn...the voice followed me....

"You'll be sorry you didn't get that quilt."

Spooky! Yikes! It was hounding me.

Let's cut to the chase...hubs took me back out there and I got my "birthday" present. Doesn't it just do wonders for that "no money spent" re-do?

Oh, stop it....Come on, admit it...it's great, isn't it?

Linking to Funkyjunk Interiors and Metamorphosis Monday tonight..come visit!

Happy birthday to me,



Libby said...

Very nice!! (Wish I'd have beat you to it!!)
( ; The room looks wonderful!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Nice addition, Angela!

hannah singer said...

happy birthday, sweet friend!!
glad you snagged that pretty blanket-the room looks complete with it, for sure!

prayerful all is well with you, and your knee is well asap! xo

Jen said...

The room looks great!

Anonymous said...

Love the lighter look of the room.. I'd keep it that way year round!


Cozy Little House said...

Happy Birthday to you! And you're right. You had to go back and get it!

Erin said...

It does add the perfect touch!! I literally laughed out loud when I realized it was the quilt calling you. LOL I hate when I pass something up and it keeps calling me. Like you, if I can't get it out of my head, then I know I have to go back and get it. :)

I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Barbara Jean said...

absolutely beautiful.
OK computer time up now. talk later.

barbara jean