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Friday, June 17, 2011

I Am Trying Not To Lose My Marbles!

Speaking of Fathers and their day...my grandfather had an amazing collection of marbles. Thought you might like to see them...he kept them in a large glass container just as I do. Some of these would be approaching 100 years old.

This is a vintage lithograph that I had framed. I display it above the marble collection. These beautiful posters were used each week to illustrate a Bible verse in children's Sunday School classes.

#1 Grandson separated the marbles into colors for my "photo shoot".


Some of my favorite blues...

Greens...and some favorites displayed on an old flower frog.

Love the earthtones...some are Bennington pottery marbles. They were made at the end of the day when all other pottery molds had been filled...the leftover clay was made into marbles. I have some wonderful blue ones also. They are pictured further below.

I really love the oranges and yellows...

Steelys (pictured below) were heavy and the ones used to shoot the others.


Then the infamous sulphide incident...

Quick story...when my son was 4 years old, he came in and said, "There's a chicken in this marble". "Sure there is," I scoffed. "I'll show you," he said. I heard him outside hammering...I thought, "Isn't he something, trying to build something...wait! NO! Not the marble!!!!" Yes, he was trying to get the chicken out of the marble to prove to me there was indeed a white one encased in the glass...I held it up to the light...there that sulphide rooster was...but he wasn't worth nearly as much as he was 5 minutes before.....ugh.

Can you see his outline in the pic above?

Bennington pottery marbles...

Some flea market marble finds...displayed with some miniature books and my grandmother's mini dictionary (top of box).

Could it be genetic that I love round paperweights? They are just big marbles!
Hope you have a good week...it's just hot as all get out down here in Mississippi. We sure could use a little rain...it'd make the tomatoes grow!

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Don't lose your marbles,


Marydon said...

Love your story about your son. These marbles are a fabulous collection. I love the steeley's but your glass shooters are really gorgeous.

Have a great week ~

Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) said...

I came over to see your wonderful collection of marbles! I have a few from my Mom and I think they belonged to her father. I am always fascinated by marbles, even new ones! You have a nice collection. So funny about the rooster--well, the nicks make it more precious to you, at least! Linda

White Ironstone Cottage said...

I loved your post so fun and I am grateful to have you link with Treasure Chest Friday