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Saturday, June 4, 2011

* Trip To Pottery Barn

Ok, so the Hubster just out and says, "Want to ride to Foley?"

What?! Did I hear correctly? Go to FOLEY? As in Alabama?
Well, does a tiger have stripes? Is it hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk? Heck, yes!!
So in spite of my bum knee (which BTW felt worse when I was limping...er... shopping) and a minor muscle pull in the back (which BTW felt better when I was shopping) ... we took off.

Stopped by Mobile's Dreamland for some ribs on the way...yum. I always get the pork sandwich, the Hub likes the ribs...they are too messy for me...but delish...you REALLY must go.

This tunnel always freaks me out...however...I saw a light at the end of it....and look what was beyond....my heart be still....Spanish Fort's POTTERY BARN!!

I scored the best deal EVER! Loved this aged metal basket with burlap liner...couldn't have afforded it in it's pre-sale state...HOWEVER...it was on sale and (are you ready?) 30% off the sale price...yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

Here she is all dressed up!

Oh, happy day...then it was on to World Market...weird, but some cute stuff here and there.

Then to "you know where"...

By the time we got to OTP...I was limping rather badly and my knee was swollen...however, I was prepared to ask for a wheelchair or drop by the Medical Supply store for crutches if need be.
It was supper time and I really didn't feel like eating (lol) but I wanted to take the chance that Cracker Barrel was still serving those shrimp 'n grits...so off to CB...no S'n G.. grrrr.

I had a salad :(

We came home this morning after peach cobbler and ice cream at Burris Farm Market in Loxley...Hugster...oops...Hubster had apple cobbler with peach ice cream...sounds downright awful to me, however, he DID take me to Foley so I couldn't say anything.

I picked up a few more things and will be doing a mini makeover of my entertainment center...so I'll post that later. Hope you have had a restful weekend!

Pottery Barn catalogs are the best,


The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a fun day, sometime those hubbies are alllll right. Go ice your knee and we will await your redo!


Marlee said...

Your Pottery Barn basket is adorable. My hubby and I take a similar trip every so often but we have never stopped for bbq at Dreamland. Will have to check that out. I hope your knee recovers quickly.