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Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Burlap or Not To Burlap? That Is the Question

I am in a quandary...a conundrum of sorts.

Here's what I have in my dining area.

Outdated but I love the color combination.

Please, don't mention the blinds...they are staying...for now.

Here's what I found at the thrift store...

More than 15 yds of 54" wide pale buttery burlap for $15...donated by a decorator.

It's not your standard light brown, it's buttery...so pretty.

In my mind's eye I see softly pleated lined drapes on rings held up by pretty rods.

Saw this online and thought it was so pretty.

Am I crazy? Working with this stuff can't be easy. It sheds, it's hard to handle...

Any suggestions? Leave well enough alone?

I'd appreciate your ideas & opinions.

Let 'er rip, potato chip,

1 comment:

A Toile Tale said...

Do not stop! Do not pass go! Do not hesitate! Go for it! They would look lovely. Hint: Do not wear black while sewing.
Linda @ A Toile Tale