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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vintage Lamp & Kitchen Knobs Transformations

I believe I've found a new BFF! I kept reading about Brown Hammered spray paint and while in WM I decided to give her a whirl.

This is the expected result up close and personal! I loved the look but would it "do the trick" on my antique brass kitchen knobs? I really didn't want to buy all new knobs for the kitchen...so here's how I accomplished the feat.

I took a few knobs off and screwed the screw back in place. Then I inserted the screw into this block of styrofoam. (Would give credit where credit is due...but can't remember where I saw this tip. It's a good one.)

When the knobs dried they looked just like the paint can said they'd look! Eureka! For less than $7 I transformed 28 knobs, a planter, a metal display piece that holds up a large hurricane, another metal display piece, a small table and I still have 1/2 a can of paint left!! Now that's a bargain! Remember: Brown Hammered

I had a good time scoping out the thrift store Monday. I found this pitiful little lamp.

She looked like the Last Rose of Summer, poor thing...

I removed all the innards and cleaned her up.

After spray painting and a little "antique juice", I reassembled her. Now she's a little candle holder! The key that is dangling from the ribbon is the "lamp handle".

Maybe with a globe and mercury glass votive holder?

I also found a little grass basket...my obsession is all things "basket".

A California container...still has her tag on top.

The real McCoy...

And last but not least is this beautiful little silverplate shell server...inside is a removable milkglass shell. I might have to have this for a jewelry shell. That's the prob with thrift storing...I feel duty bound to take everybody home with me...I just know there is hidden potential in every item...the more tattered the better.

Do I dare relate this story? Oh, yes, why not. A good friend and I went shopping in Hattiesburg today. We spent over 2 1/2 hours in the BBBIIIGGG Hudson's alone. I found lots of decorations for the next year's school Christmas tree and she bought a boatload of outdoor pillows for herself and her mother. (Also a beautiful quilt)...anyhoo....on her way home she had to pass the prison. There had been an escape the night before and now there was another one. Every car on the highway was stopped and searched...including you know who's. I can still see her now trying to explain what she was "hiding" in the trunk of her car with all those pillows and that quilt! What a hoot! They finally let her pass and I just heard on the news that all prisoners were accounted for...no escapee after all!

Join us at Southern Hospitality for the Thrifty Treasures Party.

May all your shopping excursions be successful,

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mississippi artist said...

Great transformation on your knobs. I need to get some of this paint!I am a Mississippi girl too, and am now following your blog.