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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacation, Pottery Barn & a Bum Knee

We just arrived home from vacation...all went very well with the two grandchildren...(The last 50 miles were extremely quiet...they were both asleep.) We traveled to the Foley/Gulf Shores, Ala area for a few days...traffic today was bumper to bumper from the Mobile Causeway to the Mississippi State line...glad we were leaving and not "going"!

I "zoomed" (haha...see below) into Pottery Barn and picked up a few new ideas...and some catalogs. On one coffee table they arranged two large glass jars...one was filled with Scrabble pieces and one with black dominoes. I had seen this earlier and have driven everyone crazy looking for the old timey dominoes...I found some very old cream colored ones and a set of black.

Don't have enough to fill an appropriate jar, but I poured them into an old hurricane and will keep them there until I can unearth some more...

#1 Grandson and I sneaked away for some Thrift Store shopping one morning and found quite a few treasures...but I must confess, the Thrifts we found were quite a bit pricier than the MS stores....I loved this old bottle and couldn't wait to get home to see if the Scrabble pieces would fit through the mouth...and they did! Yay!

Next, I scored this "designer" fabric at Old Time Pottery...I think it's very Sarah Richardson-ish. $5 yards for less than $20! I'm mulling over the possibility of reworking my guest bath and using this as the shower curtain. It IS sort of "out there" but so am I. Besides... what am I waiting for? I'm not getting any younger!!

Which means a possible paint change...so back to Pottery Barn...the hubster dashed in as we were on our way home to get the fan deck of PB's Benjamin Moore colors...I love them all but especially the fifth from the bottom on the right..."You Are My Sunshine". I've decided that Pottery Barn, more than any other store, defines my tastes best. There are very few items they have that don't just make me drool...however, their prices make me weep.

I am sorry to say that my "knee problems" have escalated to the point that it looks like surgery on the 18th is now a very real possibility. Living with pain isn't my "thing"...I've lots to do and I kept hoping against hope that the pain would just go away...however, it hasn't. So it looks like I'm facing a "not so much fun" end of my summer vacation. I'll still hobble in and blog though! That's a must for me!

Wonder if I could get that bathroom painted with a very long handled roller and some Advil before the 18th?

Hope you have a super Sunday,


Marydon said...

Toradol is the BEST pain killer on the market, get it. You'll be a fully functioning human with no side effects & NO PAIN. Sorry about the surgery pending. Hope you do well.

May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

Happy 4th, sweetie.


Ila said...

My mother had rheumatoid arthritis. She had both knees down and said the pain after surgery was bad, but it was worth it to get rid of the arthritis pain. This was 25-30 years ago and things have changed in surgery and pain control since then. I'm sure you will do fine and be glad you had it done afterwards.

Lee said...

Love the fabric-and the color!
Now we are all looking for scrabble pieces and dominos...
Good luck with your knee-not fun to live with pain.
Thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

I love your finds! The fabric is awesome and the Scrabble pieces in the jar...I LOVE! I've been wanting to do something like that but haven't found a set cheap enough to "steal" the pieces from. ;)

You and I have similar taste I think.

I'm sorry to hear about your knee! Ironically, I hurt mine last week.....kneeling down while cleaning my garage! Is that when you know your getting old and/or are too fat? LOL I keep thinking it will go away, but I'm starting to think I might have to see the doctor. I wish you the best of luck and hope you won't need surgery after all!