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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Answer to Your Toilet Dilemma

I know, you don't want to hear my troubles...you've got your own. Right? Well, I just want to say I haven't blogged this week because of computer AND health issues. Both irritating as heck and at least the computer ones have been resolved. So here I am again...ready for the new school year to begin and I am flying (figuratively) around like a chicken with her head cut off...trying to do all the things that I should have done this summer, but didn't have the energy to do. Cleaning, etc.

We live in the country. Living "out" is different from living "in". I grew up "in" and didn't realize the many differences until I was "out" for about...maybe, a minute.

Ah, the joys of cows mooing...donkey's braying in the middle of the night...owls hooting...so dark you can see the stars like Christmas lights in the black sky. I digress...Our water is a community well system and is just chock full of minerals...sounds great until you have to clean up those left over mineral deposits! Today I had a two-fold mission...(after I battled my way through Wal Mart to buy grandchildren some school supplies...thought I might have to challenge one lady who got the last multi-pack of glue sticks, but she set them down and I snatched them up... quickly). My first mission was to clean the toilets of all mineral deposits and as I was standing upside down with my head in the toilet, I thought about you. I thought, "Maybe they don't know about the Pumie. I better alert them." So I am.

Now, I'm not trying to act like you don't know how to clean a toilet with mineral stains on it, but just in case, here's just the trick.

Read the directions!! And the cautions!!

Wet the little gray stick and start scrubbing away...I wear gloves...it just seems like the nice thing to do, considering. Scrub up under the rim and anywhere in the bowl that has those stains that WILL NOT come off, no matter how hard you try. They will with this thing. At Wal Mart the Pumie is just under two dollars, so as soon as I finish both toilets, into the trash it goes. Tlhe directions say you can rinse and re-use, but I'm not sure I'd want to scrub the grill with the same item I just scrubbed the toilet with...or visa versa. Mission I accomplished.

On to Mission II: Clean the stainless steel sink.

If you don't read my blogger friend Marty's blog, A Stroll Through Life...then you really must. She recently (In June, I think) gave directions for cleaning up your sink. Hers was much newer than mine...I wish mine was an undermount, but alas, it isn't...hers is. Mine is at least 18 years old and has been the recipient of many gallons of paint wash out water, Mod Podge, and even food..sometimes. So it is really dinged up and not pretty. It IS clean...just not pretty. (You know...like the blind date...she has a really good personality.) I deviated from Marty's instructions just a tad.

First, I cleaned it (WITH THE GRAIN OF THE STEEL) with a light hand and a heavy duty Scotch Brite Scour Pad. That took care of the Mod Podge. Be careful if you have a new sink...I would probably skip the step above. (Marty did NOT do this step.)

If you look closely you can see how much better the left side looks after just that one step.

I think it looks grand..and the ding to the left is probably where I dropped something that I shouldn't have been washing in the kitchen sink anyway. At least it's a clean ding.

Here's where I got fancy smancy....Bar Keepers Friend and a FINE Scotch Brite Pad.

I cut the pad in two pieces and after adding a little water to the sink surfaces, I sprinkled on some BKF (sparingly). Then (with the grain of the steel again), I rubbed it with the fine pad. After rinsing and wiping out all the water...I had a mighty fine looking sink.

Any questions about your sink or toilet?

I'm your girl,


Marydon said...

Love BKF, Angela. I don't know how we ever lived without it. What a change in your sinks.


Rebecca russell said...

Oh! Come do my house next :-) ha ha

mississippi artist said...

I am definetly gonna get one of those scouring sticks! In the last couple of years something has happened to our city water-the toilet always looks dirty! I have a stainless sink too and it is a booger to clean!

A Toile Tale said...

Not sure I got all of that.....could you come give me a demo????????
Linda @ A Toile Tale
(since we're talking toilets, did you ever notice that when A Toile Tale gets put together for the web with no spaces that it becomes a
toilet ale? Smiling!)

4mckenzies said...

Oh my! Going to try the toilet thingy! Ours are only 4 years old & they already have a terrible ring! Might just try to clean my sink, too... It sure could use a good scrub...