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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Twittering and Fluttering"

I found two new blogs today and they both use lots of birds' nests! Well, that attracted me right off...they had the cutest ideas...who are they? Well, one is Liberty Biberty and the other is Treasures From the Heart Gifts. I liked their "stuff" so much that I pinned several things on my Pinterest boards! I've really had a great time on Pinterest...I hope you are using it. It's just the greatest virtual bulletin board I've ever seen.

With all the "twitter" about birds' nests, I decided to "tweak my leaf pictures from yesterday...see below AND photo some of my bird nest collection. Some nests are purchased, some are my own creation...if I were a bird, I'd use mine because they are crocheted from the softest prettiest yarns. They even have built in feathers and moss! (You do know that if you have a nest in your Christmas tree, that good fortune follows you all year, don't you?) Wonder what happened to my good fortune? We had two flat tires on the same day, my brakes went out and my dishwasher said Adios, and the knee catastophe... all in the space of a month.

Some of my bird related items....old bird pencil box. Wonder who the sweet little chickadee was who used this box to hold all her pencils and treasures?

Nest watercolor I picked up at the Flea Market, Peter's bluebird and straw and pine cone nest.

Living room arrangement of dried florals and a small feather nest in right bottom corner.

Small signed, handcarved and painted Chickadee that I also got at the FM. (I am like a bird detective.) The next three pics are my crocheted nests. I sell these at Christmas. Each has added feathers, moss and a small egg.

I love the look of the golden eggs in the nest in the compote...some people may be getting the idea that I have bird fever...or are some kind of loon...that's bird humor.

Entertainment center nests...hummm, this is sort of boring. I promise, just a few more...

White porcelain birdie I picked up at an Estate sale...ok, I'm stopping. This has made me question my sanity...no wonder people think I'm always "fluttering" as the hubster calls it...I need to re-evaluate. But before I do...I changed out the pictures in the guest bath...remember this mini makeover? Well, those leaf pictures looked sort of out of place and since I had two from the previous "red" bohemian look...I began to "think"...uh, oh.

Once before the boho look, they were oriental prints from Kirkland's. I took out the pics and cut up a beautiful placemat and framed the pieces for the red guest bath. Now, what could I do with them? Tear them apart again..cover the mats with tissue, Mod Podge, paint on white swirls, spray paint the frames Hammered Brown, copy some free bird related (yikes!) prints from The Graphics Fairy and whala...

Now, I'm not bragging, but I think they are just plain pretty.

They look much better than those leaf prints...so if anyone thinks I'm a little over the top with my collection of birds...then the look below is what you will get from yours truly...that's one mad chick!!

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Hope all your collections get you all in a flutter,


Barbara Jean said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for the link to my place.
Yes, I do love making my hand made bird nests!
Yours are so lovely with all the yarn and fuzzy softness. And such beautiful colors!!! =)

Love your quote at the beginning of your blog too.

sweet blessings
barbara jean

Lee said...

Such terrific nests...giving me ideas for the nests I have squirreled away.
Thanks for sharing!

Libby said...

I love the pictures! Your bathroom looks so pretty, too.

mississippi artist said...

Isn't it amazing how many related objects we have when we really start looking? Love your bird nests and all of your birds!

Liberty Biberty said...

What a gorgeous collection of nests and birds!
Thanks for the shout out Angela.

Nonnie said...

Angela, you know I just love reading your blog. I too have some crazy "W" stories. I was there in fall '66 in Hastings. I plan to mention you in blog about it soon. I giggled until it hurt when reading all your old blogs the other night. Please check out my little bitd story posted a couple of days ago. I spent the whole day watching it unfold. I too love birds. Keep me giggling. Jan

Chubby N Chieque said...

I been fluttering too but not as gorgeous as you have.

Love all the details. Funtastic.

TY for dropping by in Stockholm and I appreciate you join the fun at Marty's.

Cyah soon.

Sadee Schilling said...

Gorgeous birds' nest finds! A nest is a few lines down on my list of ideas for new artwork. I'm inspired by your post, though, and just might have to move it to the top of the list! :)

Anonymous said...

The bird nests are so beautiful! I love how nature and art go hand in hand!

Jen said...

Love your birds! They are so beautiful! Those framed prints do look great on your wall.

hannah singer said...

HOORAY for pinterest! i squealed when i saw your follow button! yay!
love all of your pretty birdie things, you are so creative!

Robin Norgren said...

I was just introduced to Pininterest and still trying to figure it out; but so far it seems like a beautiful idea. Coming over from Studio JRU