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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Before and After: Little Stool and Baskets

Feeling "physically well" (even for a day), after feeling "physically ill" for several months, is a cause for appreciation. We serve a merciful and loving God. How do I feel today? My answer assuredly is, "Better than I deserve."

My niece is being married this weekend in a small ceremony and I was happy to be able to make the flower girl baskets...using some unfinished market baskets she purchased, the baskets were sprayed white, antiqued with a gray wash and embellished. I love her colors of melon and pistachio. Black & white dots "punch up" the softer colors.

I almost used "floppy flowers", but decided to make some flowers from this wired ribbon instead. I like the look for a change. It has a lighter, summer feel.

I also felt well enough to strap on my knee brace and haul around the thrift store yesterday. Here are a few of my finds...one or two had to be "aftered"...the before was much too pitiful to take to the Flea Market!

Poor little bathroom stool with a single sailboat "before" (nobody would want to stand on him to brush their teeth!)

Happy little stool...during his transformation.

Little very happy stool "after"...ready to bear the "burden" of tiny feet!

A metal sign will make some tiny cowpoke smile!
I also had a precious picket fence picture holder to post and Blogger couldn't upload it for some reason...I will retake it and post later. The single salt shaker below was found without a partner, but I brought her home anyway. Wouldn't she be cute as a little vase?

Somebody had unloaded their country french kitchen...because as I dug, I found a white ceramic boar's head and a really cute wooden tray encircled with metal leaves and black olives. All these will go down to my booth today and my car trunk is full of "gently loved items" from a good friend! Some of them will also make their way to Magnolia FM...hwy. 49 South in Florence, MS. (If you go, ask where my booth is and pay us a visit!!)

The 17th of this month is my blog's one year anniversary! I can't believe time has made a full swing around the months so quickly!

(I am sort of embarrassed to write this next part...I was hoping to reach the 200 "Followers" mark by the end of my first year, if possible...I know it might be an ego thing...but it's sort of a compulsion to reach round numbers with me...is that terrible? Maybe, but I'd still like to reach that goal. If you read my blog but have never "followed" I'd love for you to do so. It's really easy...just hit "Follow" on the right and go through the steps! It only takes a minute...you can do it without a pic and without your real name.) Whine, whine, whine...

Now, I've got lots to do today...that's why this post began long before it's 4:41 a.m. post time...I do believe that the cortisone injection...injected a bit of extra energy! Yay!

Wonderful Wednesday to you,


Amanda said...

Good to hear you've been feeling up to doing some crafting!

The flower baskets look darling, best wishes to your niece.

You've done a tremendous job on that bathroom stool, it now looks wonderful.

4mckenzies said...

LOVE the baskets! And that bathroom stool! VERY NICE! You do great work! :)
Thank you for reading my new blog, too. And I'm still trying to get the hang of pinterest...

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Your step stool is soooooooo cute!!!!!! :D