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Monday, July 25, 2011

New Days Ahead?

Sunrise is probably my favorite time of day. I am a morning person...I begin "fading" right after lunch. When #1 Grandson spends the night, we both rise about the same time. Since he was a little boy we've had "coffee" together before anyone else even thinks about waking.

There is something very promising about the start of a new day or a new year.

And so my last week of summer vacation begins...time for school.

This is my thirty first year to have begun preparations "to start school". (The hubster's 40th.) Thirty one times I've psyched myself up to start all over again...

Some years have been great, some not so great.

I've actually worked in the "work place" for 38 years. I took two years off when I had my son. Each and every time I've begun a new year, I've had high hopes.

Teaching is a lot like gardening...you plant, water, weed and tend. The only thing is that if that "flower" just won't bloom, you can't pull him (or her) out and throw her away...you KEEP tending. I think that's why I'm such a good nag at home...I'm tenacious, if nothing else.

I am contemplating ... no projects, no running around ... just thinking about what it'd be like to NOT be preparing for the new school year. I have friends who retired last year and this is their first "season" to NOT have to plan.

One said it felt weird, but nice.

Weird, but nice ... that's an amusing way to describe freedom from something you've done for so long. Ahhhh, the feeling of NOT having to punch someone else's time clock. My problem is that I am not very disciplined... if I don't have somebody else telling me what to do for eight hours a day... will I do anything productive? Will I stay in my gown sans makeup until three p.m.? Or will I bolt out of bed, early, ready to take on the day with the same enthusiasm I've mustered for the past thirty eight seasons?

Winding down your life is a little more disconcerting than I thought it would be. I've looked forward to this "season" for years ... now that's it's here ... I'm, er, apprehensive.

The unknown is, um, scary.

Sure don't want to be one of those people who everyone sits around and thinks...

"Will she EVER go?! Will she die at her desk?!"

But, yikes....what if nobody needs you anymore?

What on earth will you do for eight hours a day?
Just some contemplative thoughts for all the world to see.

Just watching the sunrise and thinking outloud,



Lee said...

I retired from teaching ten years ago (yow!) and have never regretted it. I made it only 28 years but taught inner city high school special education....and burned out.
I agree that I don't have the discipline but life is good!
Some retired friend's miss teaching but I sure find ways to stay busy and active. There is so much out there!
I hope you have a good school year but do not fear retirement-it's just a new chapter of fun!

Libby said...

Love the new look of your blog. Also, great post. And I don't think you have any worries about being productive! You can just be productive at a more relaxed speed!

Nonnie said...

As I begin my 2nd school year at home I am delighted that I have not looked back with regret even one time. You too would love all the time for family, creativity and just enjoying the tiny things in life. But I know what a wonderful teacher you are, so do it as long as you love it. Those kids need you. Nonnie

Rebecca russell said...

I too cant believe it's almost school time! :-) see u in a week! :-)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

I love the art! I am over here catching-up on your blog.

Ricki Jill