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Friday, August 5, 2011

New Beginnings...Welcome Back to School Display

I am ending the summer and trying to keep my head above water! Seems like I go through little periods in life when nothing much goes on and then "BAM"! It all happens at once. School has started for the teachers and that fact coupled with health issues has really messed with my blog writing. I know that's not a good thing, but there are just so many hours in a day.

I made a Welcome Back display for the high school library using old books "folded" to make bird houses. I began the display with this precious chalkboard flower pot I found at HOBLOB for $4!

Words can be written in chalk and erased just like a real chalk board.

I used gerber daisies and dictionaries to add to the "theme".

My library partner's father made this giant #2 pencil...can you tell where the tin can is? It's almost 5 feet tall and has a sharpened point ( pictured below).

Bringing in bird houses, small pots of yellow pencils and tissue paper added interest.

At Christmas, I plan to make the birdhouses into angels and use a vintage book and sheet music theme for the tree.

We have a library table in back of the desk so the dictionary theme continued there.

Ceramic rain boots (also on sale at the Hob for $4 each...they once were $19.99..yikes) were filled with the daisies and yellow pencils.

You know, cute, but $19.99? Really...

I generally do something a little more "grown up" but this year I thought a little whimsy (I detest that word) was in order!
Monday begins another year...oh, the promise of a new year...new boxes of crayons, shiny notebooks, no doodles anywhere...I love the feeling of "new" that comes with a fresh beginning.

Join me at Beverly's Pink Saturday!

And come by for the Saturday Nite Special!

Beginnings are good....


Holly said...

HI Angela~
I found you through Pink Saturday and have thoroughly enjoyed your place. Do you work in the library? I love your decor. It will make the kids and adults smile.

Robyn said...

these are so creative and adorable! Hope you share the christmas versions, can't wait to see them! Hope you have a fun pink weekend!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

These vignettes are too, too cute, Angela! I love your new header, too! :D

august2011 said...

Full of original ideas.
Love the Websters as a thread through the dispalys.