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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Sky Is NOT Falling, Henny Penny!

Tonight as I was washing a few dishes, I happened to glance upward while standing at the sink and my Fenton Hen (that the Hubster gave me for our 23rd anniversary ten years ago) caught my eye. It's time for Pink Saturday and I have the hardest time coming up with pink items to contribute to Beverly's wonderful link party.

So I decided that the rosy comb of Henny Penny would do the trick!

She sits on a small wall pedestal between two of my four "over the sink" windows and two brown transferware plates guard her top and bottom!

This piece is from the 2001 Folk Art Collection. Fenton, for those interested, was founded by Frank and John Fenton in 1906. Since that time thousands of beautiful Fenton pieces have been bought and loved by collectors from all over the world.

My grandmother had a glorious collection of cranberry Fenton...she especially loved cranberry coin dot. There are few "glasses" that can match Fenton for clarity and beauty.

Henny was designed by Robin Spindler and is different from their other animal figurines, which are usually transparent with added painted details. Henny's black glass is overpainted with feathers and details in my favorite color combination...cream, black and caramel...her comb is a rusty rose.

Most Fenton glass is stamped today, but this piece bears the paper label that was so popular from the 1920's until the 1970's.

My son has also given me several pieces of Fenton through the years, and each piece I have is a cherished reminder of him.
I say, if you have to wash dishes, you should have the best of scenery to look at while you do it...my yard and Henny Penny... can't get any better than that!

Have a great weekend,



LV said...

Enjoyed visiting with you today. We had real chickens and my sister had two pets. She named the same as you have, Henny and Penny. She was devastated when they died.

Pat said...

I like your Henny Penny a lot - but baby I covet the 4 windows over your sink!

hannah singer said...

henny penny is adorable!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Angela, she is a great subject for Pink Saturday! I love where you have Henny Penny on her little "perch" with the transfer ware around her!