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Thursday, August 25, 2011

May I Speak Frankly?

Ooops! I almost fell. I'm climbing up on my soapbox!

Now, here I am ... right on the top. Let me relay to you what caused this ascent.

Picture it...me, in Hobby Lobby (can you imagine?) I am walking around and I see a man and his wife getting a buggy. She is talking VERY loudly... she says, "Oh, this is just ridiculous!! I am so sick of these businesses getting out their Christmas stock while it's still summer! Look, LOOK! It's everywhere. This just makes me furious!!"

The husband sheepishly grins and sort of ducks his head. Somehow I think he's been down this path a number of times before...big, loud wife making a spectacle of herself. I wanted to tell him, to get his big boy drawers on and tell the loud speaker to pipe down, but he looked so pitiful I refrained. It sort of reminded me of the Olsen couple on Little House on the Prarie who owned the general store...you know, the one with the spoiled little girl named Nellie? Mean Mrs. Olsen and meek Mr. Olsen.

Enough about that, but it did bring up something that bothers me about her rant. I hear the same comment all the time. Particularly at school. I start planning the school holiday decorations months in advance. I buy everything on sale and hand make almost everything we use. That doesn't happen overnight...AND GUESS WHAT? THE GOOD FAIRY DOESN'T WAVE HER WAND AND "POOF" IT INTO BEING EITHER!! "What? It's not even December & you are already making decorations!!!" (Sigh...grrrrr).

Let me explain, there are people who either (1.) don't have lots of moola to spend and have to shop sales year round in order to give gifts at Christmas OR (2.) who love to handcraft items for friends and family.

Get the umbrella (as the insurance man says) It's getting ready to rain hard cold facts!

There has to be a place where crafters and artists can buy their supplies. Hobby Lobby fills the bill. As does Dollar Tree, Michaels, and several other stores. If you are making your own gifts you can't wait until December 1st to begin.

These remarks usually come from somebody who has NEVER handmade anything for anyone. Once I labored for weeks on a counted cross stitch piece for my mother. I had it professionally framed and wrapped it like it was for Queen Elizabeth! When she opened it on Christmas morning, she was appropriately pleased.

During the holidays she asked me to teach her how to do counted cross stitch and I did. From the moment she learned to cross all her X's the same way, she was never the same. She cross stitched every spare minute of every day. She made a new ornament for everybody in our family every year. Baby gifts, wedding gifts, church welcome gifts, you name, she stitched it.

One day, I stopped by and as we were talking she looked at me and said, "I never realized how much time and effort went into those things you cross stitched for me. I'm sorry."

I said, "Mother, most people don't have any idea how much love & time goes into something made by hand. Thank you for realizing it."

Every year when I pull out those stitched ornaments from her, my heart fills with thankfulness, that she loved me enough to make something for me with her own hands. And guess what??? I'm glad Hobby Lobby had all those Christmas Cross Stitch books displayed in summer so she could get a head start on her gifts.

Now, start knitting those socks,


Marydon said...

Great share, Angela. I only wish we HAD A HL near here ... alas, not!

And, what precious treasures Mother made to share & bring back such beautiful memories.


Anonymous said...

This is so true! Sometimes seeing the pre-made decorations in July drives me a little crazy but of course the craft stores need to have stuff out! I am thinking about doing all handmade gifts this year but it makes me a little nervous since not everyone appreciates those types of gifts.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a thoughtful post full of wisdom. Of course the first thing I think...I don't even WANT to overhear someone's personal conversation. I wish people would not talk as if I am interested in hearing...especially if they are on the phone! And I agree...I work for months on the gifts I give so I'm glad to be able to buy my supplies! ♥

Scott Dennis said...

You had me at "loudly".
People who think it necessary to loudly proclaim their every opinion bother me.

hannah singer said...

yes, ma'am!!
working retail for years gave me a fine dose of those loud whiny pants people. our christmas stock usually arrived starting in may. some folks would be angry as the dickens, and direct it all toward me, as if i delighted in "tearing their summer holiday" away. pfft. for the reasons you mentioned, i agree! my time isn't as plentiful these days, but i so love handmade and depend on supplies being available. in advance:)

great post!! love ya!

Gail said...


Sharon @ Crooked Creek Studio said...

Loved it!

kcounts said...

I used to work at Hobby Lobby, first as a casheir and then as needlework dept. head. You can imagine how many times I head that exact comment. I would politely explain that needlework took a long time to do and that people that crafted for a living had to start making their holiday merchandise long before December. I educated as many as I could.