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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Case For Sterling

Today many young women are skipping the tradition of choosing sterling silver flatware when they marry.

Their reasoning seems to be (1.)it's expensive and (2.)they think they will never use it.

If you married in the late 70's or 80's you know that Fry Daddys were the big ticket item for all newly weds. Every size, every color, every shape was made and as soon as that package came through the door, you knew exactly what it was.

If you married in the 60's or early 70's, fondue pots were huge. BUT sterling silver still reigned as King of Gifts. When I graduated from high school in the 60's presents flowed from every well wisher in town it seemed. Most girls received lingerie, various things for a dorm room or STERLING SILVER TEASPOONS! One of the most fun days I remember is going to Lickfold's Jewelry Store and picking out my silver pattern when I was a senior.
To this day, I love my Gorham pattern (Buttercup) and wouldn't trade it for anything!

Recently, I began thinking of the silver pieces I had stashed around but wasn't using. You know, they tarnish, they look pretty fancy smancy...but I questioned...What was I waiting for? A visit from Queen Elizabeth? Why not get some of it out and actually enjoy it? So I did.

I arranged some in my media center right along with my birds nests and redware pottery.

Then I added some more...even mixing nut dishes with old football books...I'd say they go together quite well, no pun intended.

Old silver and hand carved crochet hooks felt right at home in a pine needle pitcher.

Silver baby spoons, demitasse spoons and souvenir spoons found a new resting place in my trio of green serving birds.

I thought one of my paper weights would look pretty in this compote. Now, I know what you are thinking....you are saying...but what about the tarnish? Well, slightly tarnished silver is ok. It's actually quite pretty.

Today's metal of choice seems to be pewter and while it's really nice (and I have several pieces) somehow it just doesn't have the elegance that sterling does.

BTW: Sterling is 92/5% Silver and 7.5% other metal..usually copper while Pewter is 92% tin, 6.7% antimony and 1.2% copper.

There is something twinkly and sparkly about silver.

A pair of silver earrings seem to bring out the best in a lady's face, especially the eyes.

There is something refined, dignified and elegant about a silver coffee or tea service. Call it what you will...it might be a thing of the past, but it's quite a lovely thing.

Crystal and silver are the very best of friends.

You could say I'm living in the past. Or you could just admit it...silver makes a beautiful table exquisite.

May all your silver be sterling,


Angela said...

Beautiful, as always.

hannah singer said...

i agree with you, silver is fine and should be praised.
that said, i hardly have any. need to fix that!

love ya!