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Thursday, August 2, 2012

*What's Good for the Gander Isn't Good for the Goose?

Well, well, well.
Some things never change...everyone's an art critic.
If you and I are friends on FB then you will know what's going on, but for those of you who don't know...here's the story.
I am working at my shop, Dwellings, and 3 ladies enter,
look all around and one becomes enchanted with my pin cushions.
What can I say? They ARE so sweet!
She purchases two...well, you know what that means, don't you?
Of course, there will be a run on them...I must dash home and crochet more.
 A few little changes and additions and they are ready for their coming out party.

So it went...hours and hours of crocheting...and many, many cushions are now ready to be sold.
Everyone in the fam...is making fun of my pin cushions...but YESTERDAY ANOTHER ONE SOLD! AND THEN ANOTHER!
 I may have found the golden egg!
I even have a pumpkin cushion in honor of the long overdue Autumn season!
So what you may ponder?
Well, let me fill you in....
My delightful husband of over 34 years saw my feverish efforts and remarked that
all my "money making" ideas were futile. He stated that I didn't make things people HAD to have..
that in a recession nobody wanted a pin cushion. Heck, women don't even sew anymore.
Or so he said! Now tires...there's something I could sell. They wear out...a pin cushion does not.
Yes, yes, yes....tires. I could mount them and rotate them, plug them...
I could see the gold mounting  in his mind.
Personally, I think he's stripped a gear, but really...tires?!
So I posted our conundrum on FB...all sorts of comments came popping on the screen..mostly in my favor (because they are all my friends after all)...
but today really took the cake.
As I arrived at work, my crochet basket filled to the top with pin cushion yarn galore,
I heard the snickers...I heard them laughing and smirking about "here comes the pin cushion lady"...
I worked until 4:00 (and didn't once have a chance to crochet, I might add) and just as I was preparing to leave, I saw my son (the #2 Snickerer) whispering with a customer...
The customer had just brought in something he thought we might like to sell...
What was it, you ask? Oh, let me tell you!!
How about a Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine...but that's not the worst of it...
attached was an old Victorian metal bird that clamps on the machine...guess what kind of bird?
#2 Snickerer couldn't get to his wallet fast enough.
All I have to say is, "MEN!"

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