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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

* Live and Learn

You know what my husband says,
" It only takes one compliment on something you have made and you immediately make 100 of said item."
Somebody on FB said something nice about my pumpkins and I launched into an all out offensive.
We now have gone pastel pumpkin crazy!
Cute in a little girls's room or anywhere you need a spot of color.
Pardon the price tags :(
Then, of course, there are the more "dressed up"  non-pastel versions...below.
I had the old cutter quilt cut to ribbons, but couldn't bear to throw away
the raggedy squares...thus, the tattered pumpkin below.
(I believe I may be becoming a hoarder.) 
I found some of the fabrics to be easier to work with than others.
Burlap may look neat, but it's not neat to work with..achoo!
Linen, on the other hand, is. Painter's canvas is also difficult.
Nevertheless, I have given my customers a wide range of pumps from which to choose!
On to today's post!!
I have been reading a small book by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. entitled
Live, and Learn and Pass It On.
Funny little quotes from lots of different people from 5 years old to 90.
I decided that this is a great idea, so today I'd like to share some things I've learned.
(Some I learned the HARD way!
When you have a minute why don't you add your "learnings" in the form of a comment?

Let's begin:
1. There is nobody more intelligent than the following groups: those who have NO children or who are brand new parents; 9th grade boys; second semester 12th grade girls and boys; and parents who coach from the stands. (Just sayin')
2. If you love any makeup item, buy it in bulk, because they will surely discontinue it.
3. Drinking diet beverages and continuing to eat Ding Dongs does NOT equal a happy outcome.
4. When you laugh or make fun of someone about a physical feature, you will end up with that feature.
    (This applies to even "thinking" something unkind about someone.. like a double chin of theirs will turn into a triple on you. Remember those Ding Dongs?)
5. For every lie you told your parents, your child will surely look you straight in the face and tell the same whopper to you. (I don't care what church you go to.)
6. Parents who think that the sole reason they have a great child is because of their parenting skills will at some point in their life be taken down a peg or two or three.
7. When you want rain, you get sunshine and vice versa. Adjust and live with it.
8. Nobody is ever satisfied with what they have been given physically...blue eyes? want brown; short frame? want tall; muffin top? want a six pack; big eyes? want slanted with extra long eyelashes. Answer? Wear brown contacts, get acquainted with Spanx, buy false eyelashes and walk on stilts...uncomfortable but do-able.
9. If you want something very badly (like a new couch) and your husband says, "NO!" and you whine and pout until you get it, you will NOT ever love that couch. There will always be that thing running around in your brain telling you, that you acted a fool to get your way. Nobody enjoys anything that was gotten by acting a fool.
10. When you don't water the ferns, they die. When you don't cut the grass, your home looks like a jungle. When you don't pluck your eyebrows or shave your legs, you look like a cavegirl. Bottom line here is: everything worthwhile in life takes some care and time. Always depending on someone else to "take care of business" for you isn't very smart. Hairy legs  = gross. So is a life that could have been worthwhile with some tender loving care that was neglected.

Now what have you learned and want to pass on?

I am linking to Beverly's Pink Saturday...please, join the fun!

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LV said...

I will leave the making of these cute pumpkins to you as I am not good at those things. You are really making some neat ones.