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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Greenhouse Basil "Pops"

Does anyone else recognize that this is the hottest summer since I was expecting a baby back in 1974? Whew!! It's mighty toasty down here in Mississippi!
The hubster and I tackled a long overdue project at the shop...
painting the two long church pews sitting out front under the windows. 
Poor, Poor thing...she looks bedraggled and bewildered!!
So did we when the painting job was finished. 
Off to pick out a "popping" color for the porch!
The "turquoise" door and trim  paint is on the left;
my choice for the benches is on the right.
Ooh, lala! Much better!
 (You must understand that 
...I was down for the count with the knee thing
and my son and his wife were running the place, doing all the buying and trying to manage
5 days a week with little to no help from me.) So "cutsey pieing" it up was low on the totem pole.
However....I am back and feeling much better...it's time I contributed.
So the hubster and I spent the better part of an afternoon cleaning and painting.
Next will be addition of shutters, repainting the doors,new topiaries and wreaths for fall
and an 8 ft. Antiques sign for the front!
Inside things are changing also...
Reproduction football players and frames and desk set for baseball lovers are
set on my barn wood tray.
A quilter's delight (below)...
a vintage Singer Featherweight sewing machine with carrying case!
A centerpiece anchored by an old milkman's crate..
Another cutter quilt...piles of individual squares to be used in a variety of ways!
Priced at only $1.50 per square...better snap these up quickly!
Below is a McInnis and McInnis collaboration on a farmhouse wood coat/jewelry rack...
(and remarkably, we are still speaking!)
Vintage children's dishes
(& a little china tea set is in another room!)
Look at the little mixer...it still turns!
Do you remember any of these items?!
All the above items (except for the Featherweight) are on "my" side of the store.
The "sonster" (aka: my son) and his wife have tons of new collectibles on his side, too!
Their new "man cave" room is a big hit...
and I am getting ready to produce some Man Cave signs
for the holidays.
As you can see, life is gradually getting back into high gear for us!!
Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!

Hoping you had a great weekend!


mississippi artist said...

I love thee colors you chose for the doors and benches!I need to visit again and see all the cute stuff! I wish it would hurry up and cool of, so I could get out more.

Anonymous said...

love the way it looks out front, can't wait to see in person on my way back through. Heather