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Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Annie Sloan Before and After

Trying to tie up loose ends before knee surgery at the end of the week.
One of the Mississippi Annie Sloan distributors asked me why I didn't
Annie this wonderful old print!

Indeed, the glass is old and slightly wavy and the print is beautiful...
but that frame! Yikes!
Someone painted it with gloss white and then antiqued the details with a horrible gold.
out came Annie in Old White....

and 45 minutes later...isn't she lovely?!
I love her so much I might keep her...but I think you'd like to see it at the shop!

Annie can transform anything!


Anonymous said...

She's gorgeous!
Well done Mrs. McInnis!


Alicia Scarborough said...

Hi Mrs Angela! I was in your shop the other day and had a nice conversation with you. I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE everything about this project! I am a nature girl and love ASCP!! I am going to save up all my pennies so I can hopefully grab this when it hits your shop ;) Hope surgery and healing go well. God bless!

Paula Collins said...

Oh this really is beautiful! Nice job!