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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No More "Dead Space"

Dead space...ugh. What a name for something. I was caught up listening to an HGTV segment of Design All Stars on Tuesday evening. Hillary, one of the contestants, spoke about "dead space" usage in a room she was helping to design. That triggered a thought as I sat and watched more of the show. I began assessing my own home for those "nooks and crannies" that had no real life...they just sat there gobbling up space and had no apparent reason for living...thus, "dead space".

Now, this does NOT mean that every square inch of wall space needs to be covered up with stuff. However, sometimes there is a space that needs to be filled and we tend to just fill it, even if filling it doesn't serve any real purpose. The idea of vanquishing dead space is to color in the areas so they become useful, functioning components of a room....not just a place for clutter to land. My theory is that any area that attracts clutter IS a dead space. You must figure out how to re-think and organize the space to function properly.

One such space was found in #1 Grandson's room. There was a wall to the right of the entry door which had an unused space between the entry and the closet. I had put a small table there ( well, it NEEDED something) and it quickly became a catch-all for everything from unused phone cords to packages of bubble gum. What to do? What to do?

First, I looked at the room's overall use. He needed a computer and chair for school work (check); two book shelves hold books and the t.v. for Play Station (check); an overstuffed chair and a half  makes down into his bed (check); proper lighting (check); bedside table (check).

What was missing? Oh, yes. A study area. He has been studying in the dining room. The light isn't conducive to study and the t.v. noise from the next room is a distraction.

I had a 42"x18" mini island made for my kitchen. IT, too, quickly became a catch-all and I was constantly bumping into it (and the "hubster" didn't like it at all.) Wonder if that might fit into the dead space? Well, guess what...it was a close call. But, if I must say so myself, the island was converted to quite a handy desk area.
We have about two inches between door and desk. (Whew!)
From left to right:
closet, desk, entry door = NO DEAD SPACE!
I had a vintage stool that was Ryan's great grandmother's and we placed it as an economical seat.
Since he is left handed, his lamp was placed on right. Pencils, rulers and extra paper is to the left.
Pictured above the desk are his baseball plaque, a "Dwell in possibility" saying, and
my Pottery Barn knock off typewriter key picture.
(Psst...guess what? He is actually using it!!)

What areas of your house need re-vitalizing?

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