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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pin Cushions

For the past two months, I know exactly how a pincushion must feel..
.many doctors appointments = the "pincushion" effect.
So in honor of the fact that I HOPE I am through with all the medical drama,
I spent the better part of this weekend crocheting some little cushions!
I searched and searched for patterns..
.my very favorite ones were on a blog that was written entirely in Spanish...that was a no go.
The other instructions I found were too cumbersome and had way too many rounds.
 So I just winged it.
Some had flowers..
Some wore flirty ruffles...
Some sported buttons...
All wore a small green card...
"Dream BIG!"
These were crocheted with vertical stripes...
And were topped with rolled fabric flowers and leaves.
Whether old or new...I LOVE PIN CUSHIONS!!!
Above is a puzzle ball cushion that I made years ago.
I found this at a flea market and can't bear to part with it..
It opens twice...once to show a thimble and needles and once to show thread.
I salvaged squares of old fabric and fashioned this one in vintage crazy quilt style..
she lives in another state...an Etsy purchase from my store.
Felted wool polka dot one was also purchased from my Etsy shop.
I have a hard time parting with objects I make...I feel very disloyal.
I have collected red tomato and strawberry emeries for years.
Whether old or new...muted or bright...
isn't it wonderful that women through the ages have taken
such a mundane and utilitarian object and made them more fun to use?!

Hope you had a restful weekend,
(and for my friends who need special prayer for upcoming events in their life..rest well.)

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