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Friday, July 6, 2012

A Teeny Weeny Re-Do

Not sure how a person is to sit on the sofa (with ice on knee) or lie in the bed (with leg elevated),
 and be productive.
I've used up so much yarn crocheting that I'm pretty sure Wal Mart and Hob Lob don't have any left.
I've watched so much TV that I can tell you all 400 channels by number that DISH has to offer.
I've eaten orange sherbet until my skin looks like I am sunburned and this is supposed to go on for 3 months? Please...
While sitting, I've looked at every room in my house and mentally re-arranged it...
today, I decided that I couldn't do much but the living room needed a little "summering" up.
Here's the fireplace wall "before"...
I know some of you are horrified that I still use "oriental" rugs and a brass fireplace cover...
but ever since I saw Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds,  
I have been afraid a bird might come down the chimney and escape into the house...what would I do?
Notice the black chair?
 I sat at an auction for 7 hours one day waiting on that chair to come up for bid...
and I wasn't going to get outbid...
I waited and waited and bid and bid and finally victoriously brought the thing home
(paid way too much)...and it's been there by the fireplace ever since.
But summer means light...that chair and pillow is NOT light.
I thought about the thrift store chair that  I re-painted and re-covered.
(I did it on the back porch..sitting...and leg elevated, sort of.)
It is solid wood and painted Old White by Annie Sloan... Fabric is from Hancock's.
I had every intention of taking it to the store, but I sat it by the fireplace just to rest
and she captured my "summer" heart!
I brought in some rusted white iron doves and I think I love it!
I painted my baby spoon holder to match...and guess what else?
I re-painted the duck egg blue table by my chair...Old White... I distressed it and  let the blue show through...I love it, too!
I also stood up long enough to Mod Podge these old maps of England
onto two panels I found at the thrift store...
they are going to the shop!
Now, this was just a teeny weeny little re-do...
but it certainly made me feel that I had done something worthwhile today...

Time to ice the knee,


Angela said...

We used to have bats come out of our fireplace - so I love your cover:)

mississippi artist said...

I like your lightening things up for summer. I visited your shop today and now I have blogged about it-stop by and check it out.I LOVE the quilt sgares I bought-wish I had got them all!