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Friday, July 20, 2012

Tip of the Week, Scattershooting

I may be waaaay behind, but I had an idea while breezing through Wal Mart that is guaranteed to save you money if you are a crafter! I hope nobody has thought of this before, but just in case they really haven't, I'm sharing!!
While being held captive er, convalescing from knee surgery, I was frantic to do something creative...so I turned to my old stand by, crocheting. I made these fat, little pin cushions which have sold well in our shop, Dwellings. I can knock out several of these in a morning sitting, but stuffing the pin cushions with fiberfill became rather expensive...so when I was purchasing the first bag of the stuff in several months, I was astounded to see the price...$8.97!!! What in the world?! The last time I purchased fiberfill it was priced around $4!! As I was grumbling to myself, I passed the pillow rack... hmmmmmm....light bulb!
There was the answer to a crafter's prayer...a HUGE pillow filled with you know what!!
I compared tags...all was well...plus I actually got more in the HUGE pillow AND it's encased in a cloth cover that keeps the stuff contained! Price: $3.00....now that's what I'm talking about!!
(For years I refused to remove these tags from all bedding...
I was positive that the Pillow Police would surely come arrest me..how dumb can you get?)

My "Also To Tell You" List:
Our little shop has become an "outlet" of sorts for a lovely NE Jackson, MS gift shop...when their season ends, they will have odds and ends left that need to be moved so that
new "holiday" and other buys can come in...therefore, somebody needs to take those odds and ends off their hands...enter, US! We will have lots of new things at greatly reduced prices...below is an example.
The iron figures really make a statement..right now we have a cowboy, soccer girl, man skiing, and cheerleader...we have them priced at $15. They are substantial and a very good size!! We also have
jewelry...wrap watches, leather bracelets, penny necklaces and an assortment of key chains. All reduced more than 50%. Some things are as low as 75% off. Secret Pals...take notice!
Here's a little happy that I also made during my "down time"...covered match boxes with vintage buttons on top...as you use the matches, you can refill the package and keep using the decorative box. I have them on sale at the shop for $1.50 each, but you could whip them up yourself to give as favors (however, not for children's birthdays or anything...but for your grown up friends. LOL)
Another item I recently found for the shop was this pretty Happily Ever After Celebration plate. The idea here is for guests to sign the plate with a special pen. "Bake" the plate for a few minutes and the signatures become permanent. The plates are usually pretty pricey...but since I only have one...it's just $10.50...it comes with box, directions, plate and pen. That's the great thing about scoring a great find, you can offer it at a discount.
We've divided the shop into two parts...the creative, gifty side and the collector's side. There are all kinds of things scattered about in both sides that you will find interesting, like these porcelain pear knobs...very Tuscan...beautifully glazed...I think there are 19 or 20...at $1 a piece, this is a steal!!  deal!

I just wanted to check in today...before heading to work..I have several blogs rumbling around in my head, and will post them this weekend. If you are in the Mississippi area, please, pop in to Dwellings...located on hwy 49 south just outside of Florence, Mississippi...we are smack dab in between the large Donna's #6 Produce and Magnolia Flea Market on the right side of the road if you are traveling south. We are the small brick building...Little building...but big imagination...Come see us soon!

Hope today is a most productive one for you,


mississippi artist said...

Cute pincushions.! I buy pillows like that and cut them in half and cover for throw pillowa-much cheaper than a pillow form.

Lorie Swilley said...

I saw the match boxes when I was there recently. They are so cute! I find new beautiful things and ideas every time I go in. You are so talented! And your family is very friendly and helpful!