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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Before's & After's & New Shop Service

My "chief scout" Susan found this bedraggled old chair by the curb.
Oh, she was quite the sad sight!
So with a little clamping and gluing and puttying...
A little paint...
A little wax and distressing..
Here she is...so pretty!
She will go to work with me tomorrow!
I also have added a little service to the shop that I think customers will find helpful.
I have begun a notebook of ideas that will stay on the counter.
Pictures from magazines (mostly Country Living) which show the creative use of  vintage items will be easily accessed by anyone who needs some creative guidance!
There are also pictures from magazines posted close to items in the store...for instance, pictured below
are several pictures showing the "new" way to showcase the "old" round oak table!
The pictures are taped to guess what? The real oak table!
Below are some end pieces from fruit and vegetable shipping boxes.
Taped below the actual ends is a picture of how to display them for a colorful area in your kitchen.
Old Readers' Digests anyone?
Can you spot the magazine article within the display of the real books?
Matches in this magazine article below are $16 per little box! What??!!
My version may be bought for $1.50.
 I am working on more covered ones: burlap, toile and ticking as coverings.
Helping others with their dreams is our purpose!

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mississippi artist said...

You have comeup with a brilliant marketing ploy! Some people have no imagination as to what something could be-I bet you sell tons of stuff by giving people ideas!