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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tip of the Week: Cricut's New Home

To the left you see the poor, downtrodden kitchen cart. Above you see what 3 hours, a little spray paint, stain, sandpaper and elbow grease produces! A home for my new Cricut machine!

This was just an old castaway that we were going to throw away. We unearthed it while cleaning out hubby's mom's house. I said, "Wait just a minute! Let me measure this little gem."

To which he replied, "Oh, please, don't drag that ugly thing home." He just hasn't learned, there are NO ugly things...just ducklings waiting to morph into swans!
Now I have the exact amount of space on top to place the revered 24 " Cricut Expression machine and two shelves on which to store my vinyl and paper boxes. The whole thing is on rollers so I can roll it out of the way when not in use!

Tip of the Week: See beyond the present to what COULD be!!


Julie said...

What does he think about it now?

pat said...

When will he ever learn??!!

Emily said...

husbands don't have a clue!

Angela McInnis said...

He said, "Hmmmmm." What does Hmmmmm mean?