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Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Kind of Colors Do You Like?

Good Morning!
I awoke to a great surprise.
My computer is acting like its supposed to!
It's in a very frisky mood today,
so I thought I'd better post right this second before it changes back into its normal cranky self.
With all the world's madness this week, I thought I'd take you on a "mind" trip today.
Sister Leslie (no she's not a nun...she's my sibling) gave me this book to ponder while recouping...
Published by Country Living, which is one of my all time favorite magazines, its author is Kate Butcher.
Let me explain how Ms. Butcher brought this book together and why it's so helpful to us amateurs.
She divided the contents on the subject "color"  into chapters.
 She named the chapters by using certain aspects of nature 
and then assigned certain colors (or their derivatives)
to each division.
As seen above, there are 5 chapters devoted to color use.
After flipping through the book (and not reading anything..I did that later),
I decided the example chapter that made me feel most at ease and most at home was....
Slate & Stone.
Now, I am the most surprised of all! These are mostly neutrals, as pictured below.
And the most surprising thing is that there is not one green swatch in them all...
Before, looking at the pictures, I "felt" I would like this chapter the LEAST, certainly not the MOST!

Here's the procedure I followed in making good use of this book.
I first read enough text to see what was going on...
then I began looking at the pictures of rooms in each chapter....
I quickly found that one chapter appealed to me the most... (slate & stone)
then I began REALLY studying the pictures to see what they had in common.
Even though I am not a huge "user" of white...I really gravitated toward these rooms.
A very "comfy" vibe emanates from these neutral checks.
And the hint of color comes from the salmon amaryllis.
Above, touches of color come from very subtle wall color and accessories.
And I found the above rooms very appealing, as opposed to the pictures of the rooms below.
Textures abound as do deep dark colors.
See the difference?
Mostly it's the lack of  much color on the walls 
and the repetitive use of color in the form of varying textures and shapes.
 Before you bombard me with all the reasons to love dark rooms, let me say this...
I don't see well and dark rooms confuse me.
They make me feel, not cozy as everyone says,
but rather claustrophobic.
A color riot makes me nervous.
The look is lovely, as long as I don't have to live there.

My love of color (or lack thereof) has evolved over the years.
Even though I like punches of color here and there,
 I find myself most rested and at ease
in a room that has lots of texture, but not too much overpowering color.
Texture has become a mainstay in my decorating arsenal.
(Truthfully, I liked individual parts of each chapter...
but I've decided I'm Slate and Stone kind of girl!)
If you are able to find it, I would recommend this book...
especially if you have a difficult time choosing colors.
(Which BTW, I do! Now I know why...)
Have a productive weekend,

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