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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Snuggle Factor

It's here...can't you feel it?
 Temperatures plummeted to the 60's at night...crisp mornings...it's FALLLLLL, Ya'lllll!
My very favorite time of the whole year (unless it happens to snow some time during the 365 days!)
Pull out that yarn and let your fingers fly...if you can't crochet or knit...then do something!!
Don't just sit there...Let the Decorating begin!!
Because I've been more or less confined to the bed since early June,
I've tried to keep busy.
Crochet has been the best thing for me because it only involves
around 500 skeins of yarn and a hook.
Now, the bedroom looks a little fluffy, but painting, mod podging, etc. and bed rest do NOT mix well.
I began with a single color pumpkin...(see My Secret directions below*)
Then I tried a combined two color tweedy look...
and layers of two colors...
Before I knew it...I had a pumpkin patch!!
I added a candle tied with burlap...cute...what else could I use these for?
How about as place cards?
Maybe as a gift for a friend with some candy corn!?
Whatever you use them for, they are cute, fun to do and have kept these old hands busy!

Pictured below are get well flowers from a dear friend!
 Beautiful Columbian roses..
look at that fantastic fall color!
 I had just the right container...my redware pitcher...
I have enjoyed watching them "bloom" out a little more every day!
Snuggle up everybody, make an early morning fire in the fireplace...
(and if it gets warm again, turn on the air conditioner! But keep the fireplace going!)

My PT's said I'd be almost as good as new by Halloween!!!
My Secret Pumpkin directions:
With yarn and hook  of choice chain approx. 25 (longer chain makes pumpkin bigger around)
Row 1:  24 DC...chn 2 and turn.
Row 2:  24 DC (the more rows the taller the pumpkin). I did 5-6 rows of DC.
You now have a rectangle. Stitch two short ends together. You now have a tube.
Use a piece of yarn about 24 inches long and knot one end. Around the top, with this matching yarn and a large needle, make a running stitch that goes all the way around the  top. Pull tightly and tie off. Stuff with fiberfill.
Close the bottom by repeating the "running stitch & tie off" direction above.
I took a long piece of matching yarn and sewed down into the middle of the pumpkin from top to bottom a couple of times, pulling tightly each time to "form" a pumpkin shape.
Leaves: chn 5 and connect to make a circle. (Chain 5 and slip stitch in circle. Repeat two more times.)
In first "leaf" chain, (1 sc, 1 hdc, 1 dc, 1 trc, 1 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc and slip stitch into next "leaf" chain. Repeat twice until you have three leaves.)
Stitch the leaf topper onto the pumpkin (or hot glue). Use a small twig or stick for the stem and tie with green twine for tendrils.

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