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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Baby Oh Baby!

After receiving permission from my PT to branch out a little,
I decided to make a foray to Hobby Lobby for some Christmas ornaments.
That little trek did me in for the rest of the day and most of this one. 
I spent this day just lounging around and crocheting.
Above is the day's turn out.
Baby caps are my latest obsession.
I am trying to figure my sizes....
there's lots of difference in a baby's little head and that of a toddler. 
This is the smallest...about a 14-15" circumference.
(I had forgotten how fun pom poms are to make!)
The bigger the better!!

Fun little cap with a multi-colored band and flower topper.
I need a model...this picture doesn't actually do the little cap justice!
The "hubster's" favorite...a baby maroon and white...as in Mississippi State colors.
Go, Bulldogs! 
A Christmas cap...soft white, bright green, red and hot pink.
Tri-colored flower with green pom pom center!
I didn't use baby yarn...which I think is so soft and wonderful for little ones...
but with a toss in the dryer on no heat and with one dryer sheet, they soften up considerably.
I am not sure how many stitches I've crocheted since June 8, but it must be up in the millions.
(And despite what you've heard, I AM trying to stay cheerful during this trial...but "it ain't easy".)

Can NOT wait to be up and out again,

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Anonymous said...

Cute cute!!!
Do you by any chance know how to make little crowns?!