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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Raccoons Have a New Runner

I'm back! Surgery is done!
After a few days in bed, I am propped up and ready to get with the program!
Can't keep a good woman down for long (lol)!

I have almost crocheted myself to death this summer. But in doing so, I have used up
lots of yarn from projects past and created some fun things both to sell and keep for myself.
Fall is coming and there is nothing I like better than to exchange my usual dishes for an older set that I began collecting long ago. I love the transferware look and the autumnal colors.
Light bulb! I need to crochet a little runner for my table.
I dug through my yarns and eureka! I found a brown tweed that I had scooped up on the sale rack last year and had absolutely no idea how I'd end up using it. (See left of pic below).
 I matched the other leftover yarns as best I could.
Granny Squares are my new old favorite.
Four squares later with a border of half double crochet and some 5 chain "lace"
and I have a neat runner....but....wait....
something's not right here.
The runner is too sparse for my big ole oak table!
I am not crazy about the way the runner displays on the table...hmmmm.
Maybe the buffet and the little raccoon family need a lift!
Ah...yes! That's so much better!
 And there it shall reside for the season! Keeping the little raccoon family safe and warm.
What have you been doing to spruce up for fall?

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