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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Old Granny Is Finished...No, Not Me!!

It's complete!
My scrap Granny Square afghan is finished.
At least I've accomplished something during this summer.
I am trying to get pictures from all angles...which is your favorite square?
Lots of yarn "used up" on this!
I scattered some loomed and crocheted yarn flowers throughout...
This was one of my favorite squares.
After crocheting an "X" double crochet border, I finished it with a simple chain border.
I also added fun yarns...to jazz it up a little.
Some of the yarn was stiff, so I popped the afghan in a cool dryer with a few dryer sheets for 5 minutes.
That made it nice and  soft.
After yesterday's post about how I LOVE neutrals, this seems like an
odd twist...look at all that color (a riot)..
the afghan matches NOTHING in my house...
Oh, well, it's still fun and it will be warm and snuggly this winter.

Why don't you try one?


Jamie (Rabalais) Mitchell said...

LOVE it!!! You are such a renaissance woman!! :). I wish I could "do it all!" like you!

Michelle said...

Love it! I am loving the afghan you made for Levi too:) I would love to learn how to make these!