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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's a Girl to Do?

Since before 6 AM Tuesday morning, I've had the worst time on Facebook. Lost all my Friends list, can't load pictures, can't receive messages...I'm not sure what happened. I've had Norton on ALL day long. I am not sure if you were able to read my blog post this morning about Cub Scout Day Camp. If you were able to read it would you respond in some way so I will know whether or not you were able to?!

Technology is great when it's working, but when it's not, it's the pits!! Hope you had a good day. I miss talking to you!


Angela McInnis said...

I don't know whether to post today or not...trying to figure all this out?!

Holly Barber said...

I was able to see your blog post yesterday! --was definately one that made me LOL. Can't wait to read today's! :)

cindy pullen said...

I was able to read your Blog yesterday and today..just keep them coming..love them..they make me SMILE....:)

Emily said...

ditto Cindy. Your blogs are coming through just fine...both yesterday's and today's.