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Friday, July 30, 2010

Saturday: Tips of the Day

Last week we discussed "the downtrodden and the bedraggled". This weekend I have another little "outcast" that was revived for Granddaughter Gracie's room. She is very into zebra print and so we took an old white wrought iron vanity chair ($12 at a garage sale about 10 yrs ago), sprayed it gloss black and re-covered its red velvet seat. The little backrest pillow is encircled with feathers and topped off with pink polka dot bows, rhinestone buttons and black grosgrain ties.

We added a zebra bulletin board, pillow with the letter G made from green seed beads and a basket I found at Hancock's for 30% off to the mix.

Cost: $9.99 for 1 yard of corduroy zebra print and $5.60 for sale basket. We had the feathers and ribbon. But for just a little over $15 we made a big impact in the room!

I hope to publish the pictures of the zebra stuff on Facebook. I am having trouble with posting pics on the blog.

Tip #2: Re-use your tissue paper.
I know some of you will be horrified with this tip, but I can't tell you how helpful it is. Pretty tissue paper, rather than standard issue white, can cost up to $1 per sheet! I keep all my tissue paper when I receive a gift. I put it on the ironing board and press it. It doesn't burn and irons beautifully. (No steam please.) I then fold it and stack it by color. I have lots (and lots and lots) of tissue stored in a flat box. It's ready to go at a moment's notice. At school, I have used the same tissue to decorate for various events for several YEARS! If it rips I toss it!


Steph said...

I haven't bought tissue paper in years. A friend of mine whose daddy was a former COO of Wal-Mart, and whose husband is currently an Executive VP with Wal-Mart and makes lots and lots of money and plenty to spend on new tissue paper, taught me to iron tissue paper. I too have lots and lots. I've even been known to dig it out of trash cans when those around me just toss it without thinking twice.

Anonymous said...

I keep the tissue paper, but I didn't know about ironing it. I am beginning to hate you and all of your friends, Angela! Whoever heard of re-doing a grandaughter's room for $15! I am seriously doing something wrong, and daughter-in-law is not even speaking to me right now! DIL laughed at grandson's birthday last week and asked "Do you want to save these sacks and paper?" I said, "No, not this time," as I could tell we were already on outs because she wanted me to inform my daughter (the kids' only aunt) to the party instead of taking time to invite her and make her feel welcome herself!

Donna said...

Saw the pics of the zebra-print items!! You are truly a blessing with all your novel ideas, sense of humor, and the things you do with & for your grandchildren, Angela.

Angela McInnis said...

Ladies, we need a chat! I hope I am not giving the impression that I think I am the "girl wonder" of Rankin County! Because I am certainly NOT! "Necessity is the mother of invention" has always been a principle of my married life! I hope you understand that I am just having fun and trying to make your life a little brighter~!!
Thanks for putting up with my nonsense!