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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh, We Had Hot Dogs and Potato Chips!

Most men are more or less defined by their jobs...whether this is right or wrong, (understand that I am not speaking in a religious vein, but in a practical everyday one). Men derive some of their self worth from being able to provide well for their family.

Women, on the other hand, seem to derive some of their self esteem by the state of their homes. (Now, you know it's true)...Once, when my son was about 8 or 9, he called me at work to let me know that he and Daddy had brought home a visitor for lunch. I thought he was referring to another child, but he was referring to a very well known coach from a university! I almost died. "What did you have to eat?" There was NOTHING in the refrigerator remotely worthy of someone famous. I had that beginning panicky feeling. "Oh," he replied, "We had hot dogs and potato chips. And don't worry, I put out a clean towel in the bathroom." Yes, that thud you heard was my heart hitting my feet. How could he do such a thoughtless thing?...You see, my house was a semi-wreck that day, and I was mortified. Were the men? Not mine...probably not the "famous" coach either, but I will never know.

So keeping my house in decent condition has always been a priority to me. (Never know when you might entertain royalty.) I noticed that every few months I grew tired of the way something looked and began a "search" for something to perk up the atmosphere. Nothing wrong with that...right? But to do that over and over seemed like it was bordering on obsession and never being satisfied. I began to feel uneasy ...was something wrong with me? And then something happened that changed my perspective... I got a room decorated and it stayed that way for several years. Wonder of wonders, I still liked it. What was the difference?

I know the answer to this age old question...WHY CAN'T WOMEN BE SATISFIED WITH WHAT THEY HAVE? Answer: Because we are so used to putting others first, that we have to skimp on details of the home that would make us feel comfortable...finally. For example, a new couch is needed. The old one is well, old and dirty and fraying. But Junior needs braces, so we throw a slip cover over the couch and make do until Junior's bite is corrected. All the while, avoiding eye contact with said slouchy couch. There is this underlying feeling of dissatisfaction in "that" area of the room...but we do our best to bury it.

 Get to the point, mam...just the facts, please. Ok, here it is. When I am able to decorate even in a modest way, it makes me feel better temporarily. But when, I decorate in a more substantial way (aka spending more AND GETTING SOMETHING THAT WILL LAST) I feel more settled longer...maybe even for several years. Maybe forever!  So, the answer to feeling better about your home is this...besides cleaning it...SAVE UP FOR WHAT YOU REALLY WANT AND MAKE PURCHASES WISELY. Make do with inexpensive trendy items until you can do what will give you lasting pleasure. Does this make sense?
Here is an example. Swags I made 15 years ago were still doing their job.
Did I love them? Fabric, yes...style, uh, no.

Whala! New updated drapes and I love it! Makes the room seem larger and lighter.
Even though I feel guilty for letting the old swags go...they served us well.
I added this centerpiece after the pictures.

A friend gave me this toile planter years ago...it works just right now!
I updated the buffet lamps with shades that have a leaf design on the lining.
They came from my bedroom.  (The value of using a similar color palette throughout
your home is re-arranging is so much easier.)
Cloche with nest and Peter's Pottery bluebird add "the hope of Spring" touch.

I brought out a small glass cabinet and added my lambs, some redware and
my great grandfather's little Webster's dictionary.

My hutch needed a good cleaning and I added some painted metal hearts that sport tiny bird's nests.

February signals time to bring out some of my vintage Valentines.
One of my favorite holidays!!

Even the bathroom got a little touch of spring.
I found the print bath cloth on sale for fifty cents...
The bottom line is trendy is ok, in small doses...but saving for a substantial
upgrade is more satisfying in the long run.



Ann said...

I deal with the same delima in decorating. Mine style is really rustic and vintage. The older I get though I seem to like cleaner lines and less clutter, I've been trying to weed out things I don't LOVE. I try to really be thankful for what I have and then I seem to like everything so much more. Your changes to the curtains are lovely and the cloche is adorable.

Lina said...

I love your ideas! I just do NOT think in the "decorating" mindset and your plant in the corner on the stand is an idea that would be totally obvious to most but one that which just gave me an aha moment i needed. Need a large plant in a corner but I have a dumb cat who will bother it and I have been racking my brain as to what to do. Plant on a stand, wow, doesn't take a genius but sadly never occurred to my brain till just now seeing your pic. Plant on a stand will actually look better than a bigger on on the floor too I think.