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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Even IF.......

It makes me sad to read some of the negative Facebook posts concerning Valentine's Day. I know, I know....some of you have had a very bad time at the Love Games. But I am here today to offer some encouragement...um, advice, too because I have had some of those very same feelings in the past.

Now before you give up on me and this post...listen up...for just a minute.  Please.
Love is a very touchy subject. So many people seem to have it just within their grasp and it slips away.
There are all types of  love...but you know what I mean....some people have been hurt on all levels ....

Once, about 36 years ago, I was a single divorced mom of a three year old little boy. Valentine's Day certainly made my heart hurt. It was heavy with sadness, mistrust, and disappointment. Enter a friend.
A wonderful woman named Patsy saw my life (and the life of my child) and did something about it. She didn't wring her hands or wish it could be different. She began inviting my son and me to dinner. (How did she know that money was so short that sometimes he ate and I didn't?) She invited us under the guise of having someone to play with her little boys, but what she was doing was practicing love. I remember those days like yesterday. Her kindness to me...her love to my son. Thank you, Patsy.
The Coach, my husband...entered our life a carefree bachelor of 28. He had never been around little children and jumped in with both feet. Through the years, he has not only been a father to my son but a grandfather to my son's children. He didn't wait to see what needed to be done, he did his best, even when he didn't know exactly what to do. God put him in that place for a reason...to run along side me and be my help mate. (Boy, did  he bite off  a chunk!) Thank you, JOHN.
Days in our life have been bad (and then worse) and then better (and then great) and back to bad and so forth....that's what love's all about.  Love is a rocky hill...it's never the same. However, it isn't just about you and your feelings...there is more than one person in any relationship...you are not all it's about.

Today, I received roses...and a card... and he's fixing my supper tonight...but more than that I remember a time when all he could muster was a card and it was signed..."Until times are better"...that's love.

You may not have the love of your life right now...but you DO have others to love...whether it's parents, children, friends...why not put yourself aside and do something unexpected for someone else...even outside your comfort zone? I will guarantee you that when your head hits the pillow tonight you will feel better...remember...it's not all about you...it's all about LOVE and there are many kinds of love and many ways to show it.

I am an optimist at heart...I rarely, if ever, totally give up on anyone or anything. That may not always be wise, but it's me. I know that someone reading this, needs these words. I know that you will read them and heed them. Even if you have had your heart trampled...Pick yourself up and think of a way to show somebody the right kind of love today. If you were here, I'd hug you and wish you a wonderful day!

There are your chocolates and roses... followed by the card...they are all from me!!
You are loved,


Lacey Hatfield said...

You make my heart smile :)

Gloria Richards said...

Hi Angela, Just want to say Happy Valentines Day and let you know that in a little over a year my husband and I are going to renew our vows marking 50 years of marriage. Now I won't try to tell everyone it's always been a bed of roses (you know you have to watch out for thorns!) but I know that it's only gotten better. Maybe it's because we had to learn to relax with each other and realize that we didn't have anything to prove except we loved each other. I personally think it's just getting fun!!! Have a great day!!!!! :)