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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Annie Sloan Coco Paint: Before and After

My love of Annie Sloan paint is no secret.
It began two years ago with this
small stool project.
and bloomed...
to this beautiful Duck Egg and Old White mirror..
(I wish I had NEVER sold it!)
On to the side table in Duck Egg...
and the old fixer upper chair again in Old White...
the gray birthday chair for Susan..
.then came knee surgery and a break...
but this weekend...the urge to paint with AS returned.

I found this lantern at a yard sale for $3.
It was marked at $11.99 originally.
It was very heavy and had great
glass panels.


This is what she became!
Here's a quick  step by step.

Carefully remove all glass panels.

Step 1: Using Annie Sloan CoCo, paint all sections of lantern (no small feat!)
In reality, this color looks like light chocolate milk.

2. Using a sanding sponge, distress around edges and sides.
Distressing should be done wherever an item might
receive normal wear and tear.
If you remove too much paint,
go back and paint over the area and let dry before
 Use a light or heavy hand depending on the desired look.

#3. Using Annie's wonderful waxing brush and her clear wax,
cover all areas. Let this "dry" for a few minutes.
Chalk paint is very porous. The wax seeps into the holes
and grabs the paint for a very durable finish.

The lantern has now been painted, distressed and clear waxed.

#4. Using a brush just for dark wax, repeat the waxing procedure
except this time, use AS's Dark wax.

 Leave excess wax in areas that you want to appear darker.
Carefully wax in small sections at a time.
The wax dries quickly. If too much dark wax is applied,
use a small amount of clear wax on a rag to wipe away the excess.
Do NOT cover the entire project with dark wax and then try to wipe it off.
Work in small sections ONLY!
One other pointer: I always wax with clear wax before I use the dark.
The dark wax grabs onto the paint and seeps into the pores
and is usually too dark for my taste.
(This is, of course, a matter of preference.)

#5. After the wax dries 30 minutes to overnight,
buff with a soft cloth.

I love this, so very much....

What have you done with Annie Sloan paint lately?


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