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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring in February? Yes, Mam!

It may be February, but it sure seems like spring to me!

Johnny Jump Ups are smiling upward...

Baby animals are experiencing their first days...

My husband's grandmother's Snow Bells have pushed their way into the light.

 Yes, mam...it sure seems like SPRING has sprung in the South.
(Sorry, my northern sisters! But your spring can't be far behind.)

Only a few weeks ago, we experienced snow!

and snow angels...

Now it's time for azaleas, proms, baseball, track....


Spring is a time of renewal and receiving the gift of hope 
after the long winter's dreary weeks.
I hope you take a minute to glance around,
enjoy the soft green moss,
the longer warmer days
and welcome Spring!

1 comment:

mississippi artist said...

I know I am ready for spring! Seems like we might have more winter before the week is over tho.