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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Humpty Dumpty and Mod Podge to the Rescue!

 If you've read this blog very long, you know that I LOVE taking something "ugly duckling-ish" and turning it into a swan. Well, I have completed two such transformations this week.
One was a big old ugly "plastic" mirror ... now all white and prettily distressed;
and this little ceramic "Made In Japan" spice drawer set.
All three drawers were smashed to pieces and the little box had surely seen better days.

This is what the inside of each drawer looked like before transformation.
Now somebody tried to glue Humpty Dumpty back together again...but
it just wasn't getting it.

 My brain begin to whirl...what could I do to the drawers? Replace, make new ones?
 How about repairing the old ones with our old friend, Mod Podge?
Mod Podge to the Rescue!!
First, I covered the drawers on the front outside with several layers of
tissue paper and MP. Then I repeated the process on the inside.
This is the middle drawer that lost its knob.
Picture of the three drawers with the beginning layers of tissue paper.
After securing the tissue with layers of  MP, I set them aside and let them dry.
Next, I painted the beat up little box, blue...then black and distressed it.
I added Annie Sloan dark wax and buffed the black to a soft sheen.

I painted the insides of the boxes, blue and orange and MP'd again.
Then I painted the fronts of the drawers off white, clear waxed them and then dark waxed with AS wax.
I buffed them and after a while decided to paint a similar design to the original ones on the fronts.
I distressed them and added a flower where the knob should have been on the knobless drawer.

This is the result of the rescue.
BTW: Note that one leg is different from the rest.
(This little chest has been through it!)
I lightly sprayed a polyurethane finish both inside and out.
I have no idea how this will hold up, but it appears to be a good fix
for something that was headed to the garbage can!!

Transforming is good,

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