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Friday, June 22, 2012

Tonight I Will Bite the Bullet!

A few loose ends to tie up before the weekend....

Yesterday was a great day for the old knee! I felt great until about 9 pm and then all the results from the rehab exercises set in...yikes! I was sore and today hasn't been any better. However, I continued on my quest for the perfectly restored knee and did my home exercise assignments and iced and iced and iced! One more set of exercises today! Whew!

I ventured out by myself for a "short" visit to the DMV branch to renew my drivers license. How hard could that be? First, they call you by number and when I entered they were on #52 or so and they handed me #75. Uh, oh. The place was pretty packed and I was afraid of sitting for long with the "knee". Some three year old kid was "bonkers" the entire time...screaming, crying and breaking over to the snack machine for "quackers" every 15 min or so. I did NOT need that aggravation.

After over an hour and a half I heard it..."Number 75. Number 75!" I lept (well, clumsily stood to my feet and tried to gain my composure.) Then as I limped toward the desk, I heard, "Oh, there's NO number 75? Ok. Number 76." OMgosh....NO! I've been sitting almost 2 hours, my knee is swollen like a grapefruit...I am NOT missing this...."Wait, wait!" I implored. "Number 75 is coming...I have a bad knee!" With that every eye turned downward to my knees and silence came over the place. Even the shrieking three year old shut up. Sorry, but sometimes a gal's gotta do what she's gotta do.

(I was extremely concerned that the nice lady was going to ask me if any info had changed...like maybe my weight...but she didn't.) I think she could see my agitation. I "upped" my weight on the license 8 yrs ago from my 15 year old weight...wasn't that enough humiliation? Then she asked if I wanted a 4 or 8 yr license. Hmmmm...I pondered. 8+63=71. Oh, great heavens! 71?!!!! First, I might be dead and then again, I might have lost my mind completely by then....No, I didn't want to chance losing that $21 extra...so just in case I got the 4 yr license.

BTW: the new picture looks pretty much like me...my last one looked like someone mourning the death of their favorite cat.

 One last item...then it's on to exercise....

I never did get my last year's birthday present, so I lumped two years into one and finally ordered a foyer light that I've been eyeing. It's so pretty (etched vanilla glass)and will look great with duck egg blue walls. It's a Minka Lavery...I LOVE Minkas! I will post pictures when it arrives and is hung.
Now, I must go find a bullet to bite while doing my leg lifts...arghhhhhhh! Have a great weekend!

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