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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fairy Tales....

Today the Coach and I drove to the edge of the Delta to see the progress of my sister, Leslie's,
Fairy Garden
Welcome to the Fairy Garden!
. (Notice hand built ladder being tested by its builder.)We all agreed it is great.

To understand our fascination with all things FAIRY...you must know that
our grandparents (on my father's side) lived in a fieldstone house surrounded by huge old oak trees.
Grandmother was somewhat eccentric (imagine that!) but had a great imagination. We spent many fun
hours at that house roaming the yard and poking in the abundant little doodle bug holes that were
 around the bottoms of the oaks. There were tons of acorns, feathers, sticks, seeds and assorted other
enchantments that led to stories of fairies, gnomes and benevolent birds and such.

When we spent the night with Grandmother,
Leslie and I slept in the "guest" bedroom at her house
and it was grand to us!
The bed was a  four poster "pineapple" bed with the most wonderful feather pillows
and a pink satin feather quilt! You felt as though you were sleeping on a cloud.
Before we'd go to sleep Grandmother would read some of
the poem Hiawatha to us and then tell us stories about the creatures in the oak trees..
.(I personally liked the story about the little pink bird who lived in the pink house and used all pink china...)
So when Leslie called to tell me she was making a fairy garden in the shade of an overgrown bush in her front yard, it did not surprise me one bit.
I felt you'd like to see bits and pieces of what is under construction.
 This carefully constructed house is one of the centerpieces of the garden. The entire garden is only in its infancy...there are so many possibilities and we spent quite a while discussing them...
even though it was rather warm. (Remember she's the outdoorsy one...I prefer a/c.)
However, when it comes to fairy business, even I will hang around outside.
Here is another house with a frightful cat at its door.
(My sister has always loved cats as much as I detest them. She once trained one to leap out from under the couch and scare me senseless every time I walked through the living room. I hear you laughing, Leslie.) 
This little kitty seems to be as ferocious as those she trained so long ago.
We moved the American flag..it's scale was wrong.
Notice the angel on the left...she's also
afraid of said kitty.
So she just sits aimlessly outside the house as if waiting on the beast to leave the premises.
Another part of the garden is the Lily Pad...which is currently under construction (oh, there's that flag again)and hasn't been landscaped as of this morning. (The vintage wagon was an early Christmas present from a friend's mother.) My nephew said that the Lily Pad sounds like a bar...which is just might be or it might be a tea room for the fairies...they've got to unwind somewhere..
My contribution was the frog...I'm the realist in the family.
This is Leslie's rendition of a fairy topiary. I like the pennies...and the touch of pearls.

There are other little parts of this fairy town but they are still under wraps...the wooden fence that runs all around the area...at night there are tiny white lights that light the path of the fence and outline the various structures....metal scrolls outline the wood fence...very fairy-ish. Ferns and woodland flowers must still be selected and planted. Paths must be installed and blue glass pebbles added to a coming water feature.
Mulch is coming in by the yards and more structures will be added in the trees... LIKE  MAYBE A PINK BIRDHOUSE WITH A PINK BIRD WHO USES ALL PINK CHINA!

Now, you might think we are loony...
but I am now past 62 (see below) and she isn't far behind...so we are to that glorious phase in our lives where we don't really care if anybody thinks we are loony...

We are carrying on a family tradition of looniness and fairy loving, 


Lauralee said...

Love u both

Lauralee said...

Love u both

Anonymous said...

Even though my grammy didn't tell me about fairies she did read Hiawathia to me when I spent the night I also slept in a big poster bed in the guest room with a wondrful pink silk quilt and I always was their fairy princess..
Thanks for bringing back such sweet and happy memories for me!!!