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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Put On a Happy Face!

I need to post early today. I have a physical therapy session this morning and have NO idea what that will bring for the afternoon. Last night I finished a small lap afghan that I have been working on for the past two weeks. It's nothing special, it just gave me a way to use up time and leftover yarn.
I got the idea from a great blog called Attic24.typepad.
Here is something I've been noticing about myself and other crafters as well.
We are turning toward brighter happier colors.
As I scrolled through Pinterest, I found that when our country is either at war or is having "hard times", the women of the country answer by making their homes into places of refuge.
They use brighter, lighter colors and fabric prints become more "unreal".
As I toured Pinterest by entering the subjects of  40's or 50's fabric or 60's fabric,
I found this to be true over and over.
Go ahead and find out for yourself.
I, for one, am  worn out with doom and gloom.
 I am ready for better times.
I certainly won't get into politics here,
but I think that most people are ready for the tide to turn.
Example above: look at the beautiful colors used in this fabric.
I recently posted a blog about these potholders I made.
Again, look at the colors!
My little gift buckets are picking up the "happy" colors, too!
Inspiration afghan from Attic 24.
Here is something I'd like to try next.
This idea from Attic 24 has tremendous possibilities!
Enough on the soapbox...none of these items match anything in my house, which is filled with
earthtones...greens, pale gold, cinnamon and naturally, duck egg blue.
Hmmm, this might spur me another direction!

Have an "happy" day,


Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it all, esp. the afghan! And the COLORS are amazing! Very interesting history, too!

Angela said...

I love this post - so full of pretty, cheerful colors. It was just what I needed this morning.

Lauralee said...

Love Love Love these, and I agree, we need the "HAPPY" back for sure--That wreath is soooo cute, so glad to know I have an ounce of you in my blood--Love you and have a Happy Day--LL