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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Second Saturday: Dwellings

We had a great second Saturday at Dwellings. I will post pictures tonight.

My sister (who, BTW, is the best sister on the planet!) and her husband came down this weekend. I was in a total quandary as to how to accomplish anything...hundreds, maybe thousands of collectibles were everywhere, dust, general chaos...I couldn't get a grip on the situation...so I called in the Big Guns! They arrived with paint (in 5 gal. drums), painting equipment, drop cloths and determination. They became a painting and decorating machine..I just did as I was told! (I told you, I was totally 100% overwhelmed.) Buying someone else's vision was not my original vision when we agreed to purchase all the previous owner's "stuff".

Before they arrived, I just ran from one pile of things to another, accomplishing NOTHING. When they left after two days, things were so much better and the vision I had became more real. Before, all I could see was a million bottles and ceramic frogs, neither of which had been in the original "vision". Seeing it come together is really fun...however, I am always impatient to get to the bottom line of things...cleaning one frog (swan, duck, bottle, fishing lure...) at a time is not what I bargained for. Now that things are taking shape, I can actually look toward cleaning and arranging.

I told everyone who came in that we would have a holiday open house the second weekend of November. Now, I did this for two reasons. One, I want to do it and two, it will make me "get 'er done" faster. I am going to have to realize that things won't be perfect (far from it)...but they will be better and the "look" will improve over time.

Thank you, to all who came by. Thank you for the encouragement and friendship you've always shown me. Biggest thanks of all to my sister and her husband for their support and being willing to roll up their sleeves and help. Pictures to follow tonight!

May your vision always be clear,

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