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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Greetings from Dwellings! Another fun weekend...however, I am not sure that a 12-13 hour day is exactly what I had in mind...even if I am having fun..lol.

If you read my blog yesterday, you know that my sister and her husband came to the rescue by helping me paint and rearrange Friday and Saturday. Below is BEFORE painting and rearranging the back wall. Oh, yikes!

Below is the AFTER shot of the same area. Now see how happy the crystal looks after a new "make over"? Much better....ahhhhh!

Introducing a rusty brick red in the entrance makes a big statement....POW!

Baby sister noticed that the shelf below was backlighted by the ceiling lights and insisted on placing the colored glass throughout...glad she spotted it...I never noticed. I was too busy rearranging the frogs and the ducks.

Below is the vintage baby section.

(Sorry this was taken at night...sort of dark.

As night generally is.)

Like the burlap cloth with dressy dishes?

Below...more happy hutches.

And now something for the man cave...

an old oak desk with lots of manly trinkets.

The Indian corner above with friendly critters in the shelves below.

A new rug and painting makes a definite difference in the living area...

Every coffee table I put there moves immediately...that is a lucky spot.

Burlap is the new Southern linen....

with Hull pottery and ceramic pumpkin and old brass candlesticks and tassels.

This is what the Coach and I looked like after two days of painting and rearranging.

Come by and visit when you have a minute!! I'll be the one asleep at the front desk.



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Libby said...

Love, love, love! Can't wait to visit!!