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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Randomness with a Purpose

Nothing profound today...just some random thoughts and ideas that might be helpful to you.

I needed a school color (red and black) themed centerpiece and because Wright's Fruit Stand in Richland, Mississippi, had so many beautifully colored geraniums from which to pick, I decided to use a plant that could be used outdoors when the party was over.

Being a proponent of tissue paper, a paw print design was found and used as a bottom "ruffle". Matching satin ribbon along with black and white checked ribbon were combined to make the bows. Also used (to save the tablecloth) was a SLAH white platter that had the checked ribbon run through its holes. This idea could be used with any plant in a pot and any color tissue.

(I warned you that this post was RANDOM!)
Next picture is the coach trying to coax Bun T. Wabbit out of the hostas for a little snack! See previous post for the story!

Bun T. coming out AFTER we left the scene.

I found this wooden silverware holder at WM last year and had been storing my paintbrushes in it. After turning it on its side, a little vignette was created using "chicken" related items.

My Fenton chicken was an anniversary present from the Bun T. lover many years ago.

Little cup and cream pitcher are from part of my lusterware collection.

Fell in love with this wooden candle holder at the Flea Market (and it was half off!)

If you've had some disappointments this week, it's imperative that you continue in your faithfulness. The mercury glass heart above reminds me of this fact.
Opportunities come and go, friends may move, children grow up and leave the nest, but God never goes anywhere. WE may hop in and out of the circle of faithfulness, but HE does NOT. That is a most reassuring thought.

May you prove yourself to be a good and faithful servant,


Donna P. said...

So happy to be reading your blogs again, Angela -- they always make me smile!

Angela said...

Great post - beautiful pictures and a very important reminder.

Anonymous said...

Love the plant and decor for the school event! Too cute! Great idea! Wish I had your creative brain! Tasha

hannah singer said...

wonderful post!! you are an encourager, love ya!