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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make Mine Vintage...Clinton Olde Towne Market

My friends, Larry & Fran Gatewood are the proud owners of "When Pigs Fly", a delightful little shop full of vintage items in downtown Clinton, MS. If you've never been to "Olde Towne", as Clintonians call it, then you've missed a treat. It's just like being in a Jan Karon fictional town! Recently Fran invited me to come to the downtown merchants once a month market and show some of my "re-constructions" of vintage items. This month's theme was "Make Mine Vintage".

So off I took (BY MYSELF...I might add...Hubster had the state track meet...grandson was busy...and old Grandmother had to put on her big girl drawers and drive, load, unload, set up and demo and knock down ALL BY MYSELF!) I am happy to report that I handled it all quite well, thank you very much. My only real problem was that I didn't have too much time to shop. I couldn't desert my demo post.

Here's a shot before I got everything placed.
The wind was quite brisk and I was prepared for a rather hot day, but it was downright cool all day. The market lasted from 9am until 1pm. Much to my delight, my booth was situated right across from watercolor artist, Wyatt Waters' studio. I got to meet him and he is such a nice person. It made me like his art work even more than I already do. BTW: he and Chef Robert St. John are collaborating on a new cookbook. If you've never seen their books, run, don't walk, to a bookstore and purchase one. They are beautiful!

I took anything that had "old" connected to it (including myself) and that had been repurposed...for instance, the flag stand is composed of three old pieces of wood; the pictures you've seen before and were made of old patterns, tissue, papers, beads, etc....the little red chair is an apple crate that was made into chairs for the little girls in my Grenada, Mississippi, Merry Morning Kindergarten class...I mean I actually sat in that little red chair as a 5 yr old...I put my ballet slippers and tap shoes in the little area underneath! An old Ball jar holds vintage tomato pin cushions and strawberries.

The felted chicken pin cushions were bought on Ebay from the seller, Prim Penny, and sit on an unfinished quilt square and a miniature hooked rug.

Pictured above was the "pink" table...pin cushions, pillow, and shadowbox and memorabilia frame.

This Crazy Quilt pin cushion was a Mother's Day gift for my mom.

She kept in on her dressing table.

Below is an old cigar box with tiny matchbox drawers and the items related

to sewing were a big hit.

I found this plaque at HOB LOB and re-purposed it...Christmas ornament from sheet music is on the left and my business cards in the little bird holder. I am hoping some of the ladies that took my cards will join us on the blog! BTW: the new word for re-purpose is UPCYCLE.

1930's Sheet music wreaths, etc on this table. Do you see the MOD PODGE hiding in the upper left corner? Couldn't do a demo without the Nectar of the gods...ha!

My booth "neighbors" on my left were the Hackney's who made wonderful honey...Spring and Autumn. I have posted their card, so if you are interested, you might contact them.

BTW: I bought Spring...yummo! They also have goat's milk and honey soap and lotion.

My neighbors to the right were the Sumrall's. Johnny Sumrall has written a great book on Rock and Roll in Mississippi! A fun read and a super friendly couple...

BTW: I bought a copy of the book.

Also available is a CD with Rock and Roll songs from the 50's through the 1970's. Mrs. Sumrall and I had several laughs and she watched my booth while I scouted out the merchandise.
The day was perfect! Cool, sunny...but not too sunny... and I met some of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. I hope next time Clinton has such a gathering, you will take the time to drive over and enjoy the day. BTW: the day's events were coordinated by Tara Lytal, and she was one busy lady...but I never saw her without a smile on her face.
I'd like to thank Franster (aka Fran G.) for the invite...she provided my tent and a much needed cardtable. Make sure you go visit Fran and Larry at "When Pigs Fly"....you will thank me, if you do!!

Hope you like "Vintage" as much as I do,


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Marydon said...

Angela, your little chair is wonderful, as are all the treasures. TY for the cookbook tip. ope you did well, I can tell you truly had a great time.

Have a beautiful week.