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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bun T. Wabbit

Just enough time to write a short post. Most of you know that I am a bird, butterfly and bunny kind of girl. I love little creatures who scurry away when you approach...so on a twilight evening as I was walking toward our garage, I was momentarily spooked when something tiny and fluffy high-tailed it across the path in front of me. What in the world?! A tiny baby bunny!

He scurried under the leafy area around my birdbath and sat without moving a muscle.

I laughed when I came in and told the "hubster" that we had a new tenant. He walked back outside with me to see. (Now, I have to let you in on a big secret...the "hubster" has a real affinity for ALL baby animals. He LOVES the tiny things...always has. So I knew it wouldn't be long before...yep, there he goes... back into the house for you guessed it...lettuce.)

We promptly named him (or her), Bun T. Wabbit. Every day now, he has been coming closer and closer to the house. We've even caught him on the porch and in the carport rummaging around! When we leave in the morning he stays right up close to the house and doesn't dart away like he did at first.

I think he's just precious!

I wish all things could be as quiet and gentle as our baby rabbit.

What a marvelous little creature!

May all your bunnies be as cute as Bun T.,


Libby Griffin said...

Cute, Cute!! He (or she) looks like he's posing for you!

Jamie said...

Love the pictures and the story. So cute!

Janet said...

that's so sweet!!!!