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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Yard Sales with Grandson

A few housekeeping notes before my post:

1. I LOVED the Royal Wedding...just bought a magazine about thei couple's lives...don't care if anyone thinks I'm nuts...I LOVED it from start to finish!

2. Neutrogena DISCONTINUED my Healthy Skin Rejuvenator machine and pads! I popped off a "hot" little email letting them know exactly how I feel about them and their new replacement, The Wave...horrible little waste of money machine! I just cannot take another discontinuement of anything!
3. Back to CVS Drug Store...still trying to replace discontinued Revlon #110 Blush Chrome lipstick. Have moved on to another brand...will report result in several days.
4. Sephora has told its clerks that it plans to DISCONTINUE my Sephora Primer. Is this a vast worldwide conspiracy? What is this world coming to?! Bought Bare Minerals Primer...was so disappointed...will NOT pay $38 for Smashbox.

Now................. I feel better. This hasn't been a great week...I felt in great need of encouragement and guess who came to my rescue?! My 14 year old grandson....what a wonderful young man!

Do you have any idea how great it is to have your grandchild ASK to spend the night with you?! I told him that if he'd go with me to a few yard sales, that I'd give him some "seed" money and he could put some things in my Flea Market Booth...well, I taught him a few tricks and guided him in the direction of his first acquisition, a Fiesta platter, and he was off to the races!

Here's our haul for the morning...we each spent about $25. We can't wait to see if we can at least double our money...I seized on the teachable moment...re-counting your change to make sure it's correct...the art of negotiation on an item...the correct placement of price tickets on an object...and the arrangement for maximum exposure in the booth!! Oh, what a fun morning!

Some of our fun plates...Great Smoky Mts. ; Tennessee; 2 cute Dog Plates; Fiesta and a wonderful woven basket that is now residing in my basket collection area!

An ET glass (1983) and a Mississippi glass!

This little rocking chair was put together with NO NAILS...like a puzzle. A friend rescued it from the garbage and gave it to me...3 Gail Pittman Valentine's Mugs and a precious angel Bear...

A Miss Bunny dummy board...to set by the front door next Easter!

His big purchase, a perfectly good electric Black and Decker hedge trimmer.

He also found hedge clippers (which needed a little de-rusting, but he decided to keep the price low and let the new owner "fix them" up himself and a child's bench and tennis racket.

Cute wooden molds...

A coconut owl with rope eyes...love it...

He remembered "old grandmother's" advice...anything with horses or dogs...

Then we hit the Motherlode...our piece de resistance....two rocking horses...that nayed and clippity clopped when you squeezed their ears...they retailed for $100 each!! Oh, happy day!

He bought the black and white one...I, the unicorn (which had never been used...not ridden once!) We were in Yard Sale delirium!!

After a Root Beer and some chocolate chip cookies baked by the ladies of the church where we were shopping, it was on home. We priced in a frenzy to get things to the FM by noon!

A nutritious Sonic Chicken nugget lunch and we were finished for the day!

Can't wait to see our earnings next week!

Hoping you had as great a Saturday as I did,

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Julie said...

Wish I were close enough to buy the fiesta ware platter from him. Looks like fun and a great way to spend a fun and educational day with Ryan.