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Friday, April 22, 2011

Something Larger Than Ourselves..Athletic Banquet

Have you ever been so engrossed in a project that all things around you fade into the background and the ever present target looms larger and larger as its "due" date approaches? That's where I've found myself over the past two months...as I helped prepare for my grandson's school's first ever athletic banquet. It included both Junior Varsity and Varsity Athletes.

This small school, Park Place Christian Academy, has added a grade a year and will graduate its first senior class next year. Because of its small size, its athletic program is in its infancy, so this banquet was a "historical" first...it had to be special! Boatner Hall was the scene of the gathering, and the event was held in memory of their classmate Jason McAdory who recently passed away.

Here are some of those special things which occurred.

We had a great attendance...237 reservations were made. We have 70 athletes.

A Welcome table ushered in the attendees and even our tickets were pretty!

A silent auction, with all donated items from extremely generous people, was super fun. And I won all my grandchildren signed me up for..lol.

The athletes were dressed appropriately and looked absolutely stunning...

Pictures were snapped all during the evening and will be quite a treasure in years to come. A picture of all athletes was taken and a mat signed by all. This will be framed and have a special place of honor as a reminder of another school "first".

The food was catered by "Remember When", a small Brandon restaurant. A true banquet it was!! Baked chicken, the best Twice Baked Potatoes I've ever eaten, green beans, rolls, dessert and sweet tea...The dessert table was centered with an artistically designed tiered fruit centerpiece and was as beautiful as it was delicious.

With superior help from the Boosters and Mr. Willie, we served all 235+ in 17 minutes.

Decorations: glass cylinder centerpieces were filled with mercury glass stones, silver shred, gray and white tissue topped with white hydrangeas. "Scripture" tents lined the center of the tables with appropriately chosen verses from the Bible. Fillers included gray and white pearly balloons anchored with weights of silver and white polka dot tissue. Candles were in abundance and provided shimmery ambience. Our program featured our specially designed "P" on the front cover, was heather gray with forest green print and included highlights of the evening's events. The mood was festive and appreciative.

Above pic is before lights were dimmed and candles lit... :(
A specially made video and appropriate music played during dinner. Featured were shots of all the athletes from the time they were old enough to hold a ball until now! Many of the families sat "as families" rather than the athletes separated from their parents.

Speeches by coaches were poignant and thoughtful. The winning of awards was tempered with the advice to remember where our talents come from.
After the event, many stayed to help clean up (now "that's what I'm talking about"!)

We are led by a great Booster board/officers and a phenomenal school Administrative team. From top to bottom, things went smoothly and it proves when people are of one mind and work together, great things CAN happen.

Personally, I can't think of a better way to spend a Thursday evening. When I left, I was tired (that's an understatement), but extremely grateful for the way everyone, even people who didn't have an athlete involved, pulled together to express delight in the accomplishments of the players and their skillful coaches.... but even more, I was grateful to be a part of a gathering of those who are like minded in their worship of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ. What a tremendous way to usher in the Easter weekend.

In the name of Jesus, Who was and is and is to come,

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Rebecca said...

Wow! It looks awesome! I can't believe u did all that. I know it was special 4 ryan! ;-)

Michele Hartz said...

The banquet was better than I imagined. Being a part of the meetings, I thought I had a good handle on what to expect. It exceeded my expectations. There were so many details that made it extra special - the programs, decorations, music, DVD of athletes, the food, the desserts and most of all the fellowship. We really are a family at PPCA. I am so proud to be a part of it and thankful that my children are PPCA Crusaders. They take that to heart and wear their green and white with pride!

Angela McInnis said...

It WAS great and I hope it will be a wonderful memory for all who were there!

Leontien said...

ohhh that looks really good!!!

Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Easter

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

You have to love it when a plan comes together...it sounds to me like yours were blessed from the beginning.
Wising you all the joy our resurrected Lord brings.

chubskulit said...


Pink bonding at my page, come and see. Have a wonderful Easter celebration!

Kim said...

Well I certainly have been inspired and encouraged by your wonderful blog so far. Happy to be a new follower. Pop over for a visit sometime. Have a very blessed Easter.

Cottage Touch said...

Thank you for sharing ~ HPS & Happy Easter~

Pat said...

I'm still working my way the through the PS posts. What a wonderful way to celebrate. I'm sure all the hard work was worth the effort.
I hope you have a great week.