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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cross Easter Card Tutorial

Because Easter is one of the most holy days in a Christian's year, I wanted to do something special for my grandchildren's teachers. Because of other commitments, I was limited in my time, but I wanted the gift to be a unique one. I decided to paint small wooden crosses attached to an Easter card.

These are the resulting cards.

I began with a small wooden cross that I purchased from Michael's.

After painting the cross brown, I Mod Podged tissue onto the cross to add texture.

Then I began the painting process.

After painting, I chose the above papers to cover the front of purchased ivory folded cards.

I adhered the crosses to the paper covered card with white glue, and then Mod Podged the cross and a small area surrounding the cross. I like to shade my paintings, and the MP'd area would allow for better shade control. The paper would have soaked up too much paint without the MP. I had an area with some "tooth" on which to shade using watered down acrylic.

I wanted to attach the Bible verse, John 3:17, to the front of the card, but I wanted no hard edges showing. I resorted to a trick that my teaching friend, Wanda, devised. She attaches a piece of tissue paper to a piece of printer paper...folding the tissue edges over toward the back of the printer paper and taping them down. Then just run the tissue covered paper through your printer and your words are nicely imprinted on the tissue. Then I attached the verse to the card with more you know what...MP!

I completed 10 cards...in a little over five hours. Hmmm...so much for a "quick" gift. After inking the edges of the cards with Tim Holtz ink, I attached some glittery, vine covered brown ribbon in the corners and placed an Easter message inside the card.

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I hope your day was Christ-centered,


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a precious gift, Angela. I am sure the teachers appreciated them.

Libby Griffin said...

Very pretty!

Amanda said...

Love, love! Bookmarking these! Maybe a guest post before Easter next year?

jazzycat said...

Very pretty....

Michelle said...

These are beautiful! I love this idea and can't wait to try it:;-)

Cottage Touch said...

Inspiring project.

hannah singer said...

awesome! they turned out beautifully!